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abstract class %ZHSLIB.Context.ServiceBase extends %Library.RegisteredObject

This is a base class for a HealthShare Service. A Service is a singleton object that is instantiated when a HealthShare Instance is started. @API.Extensible @Modifier Availability InterSystems

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parameter CheckValidityOfSubclassMethodSignatures = 0;
Can be overridden to indicate that overridden methods in subclasses will have their signatures checked to verify that they are compatible with the corresponding signatures of the base methods defined in the current class. @API.Overrideable
parameter ServiceKey;
The unique key for the service (e.g. classname).
parameter ServiceVersion;
Semantic version of the Service. Must be a version string with the following format: .. @API.Overrideable


classmethod %%CheckSubClassValidity()
Ensure non-abstract subclasses have abstract parameters defined correctly
classmethod Instance(pMinimumMinorVersion As %Integer = 0) as %ZHSLIB.Context.ServiceBase
Returns the singleton service to use for this instance. The service returned will be have the same major version as that in ServiceVersion. The latest minor and patch version available for the service will be returned. If pMinimumMinorVersion is provided, then a service is returned only if one is found with at least the provided minor version. Throws errors if service not found.

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