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datatype class SYS.DataCheck.StateReason extends %Library.Integer


Reason codes providing extra information about why the system is in its current state. Logical values are constants, defined for convenience in %syDataCheck.mac
  • 0 (StateReasonUnknown) - Reason Not Specified
  • 1 ($$$StateReasonUserStop) - Stop Requested
  • 2 ($$$StateReasonWorkflowStop) - Workflow Stop Phase
  • 3 ($$$StateReasonError - Error
  • 4 ($$$StateReasonSourceError) - Error on DataCheck Source
  • 5 ($$$StateReasonConnectionError - Error Establishing Connection
  • 6 ($$$StateReasonNeverStarted) - Never Started
  • 7 ($$$StateReasonShutdown) - System Shutdown
  • 8 ($$$StateReasonDisconnect) - Disconnect
  • 9 ($$$StateReasonBecamePrimary) - Became Primary Mirror Member
  • 10 ($$$StateReasonSourcePrimary) - Source is the Primary Mirror Member
  • 11 ($$$StateReasonSourceNotPrimary) - Source is not the Primary Mirror Member
  • 12 ($$$StateReasonBackupNotActive) - Backup is not Active

    Reason codes are not provided for all states. The reason will be $$$ReasonUnknown if a specific reason is not provided.

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    classmethod DisplayToLogical(%val As %String) as %Integer
    Inherited description: Converts the input value %val, which is a string representing an integer, into a logical integer value.

    Returns the logical integer value of the input string %val.

    classmethod LogicalToDisplay(%val As %Integer) as %String
    Inherited description: Converts the value of %val, which is in logical integer format, into a display string. The formatting is based on the value of the FORMAT parameter.

    Returns the formatted value of %val.

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