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class Ens.DTL.Case extends Ens.DTL.CaseNode

This represents a block of activities to be performed for a particular case within a tag.

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parameter TAGNAME = case;


property Condition as %String;
This holds the condition which selects this case
Property methods: ConditionDisplayToLogical(), ConditionGet(), ConditionIsValid(), ConditionLogicalToDisplay(), ConditionLogicalToOdbc(), ConditionNormalize(), ConditionSet()


method DisplayName() as %String
Provide a user readable string which names the activity
method GenerateXML(pStream As %BinaryStream) as %Status
method Validate(ByRef pStatus As %Status, pContext As Ens.DTL.ValidationContext) as %Status
Perform a sanity check on the nodes in the parse tree

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