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class EnsLib.DotNetGateway.Service extends EnsLib.Gateway.Service

A service responsible for starting, monitoring and stopping the .NET Gateway Server in a production.

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parameter SETTINGS = %gatewayName:Basic,%stopNamedGatewayOnTeardown:Basic,DotNetServer:Basic,Port:Basic,AllowedIPAddresses,Exec64,DotNetVersion,FilePath:Basic,Logfile,UsePassphrase,HeartbeatInterval,HeartbeatFailureTimeout,HeartbeatFailureAction,HeartbeatFailureRetry,-ArchiveIO;
Inherited description: List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


property AllowedIPAddresses as %String [ InitialExpression = "" ];
Which IP address, among the several IP addresses that the machine has, that allows incoming connections. Specify or null to listen on all IP addresses local to the machine (, VPN address, etc.). You can also specify a single existing local IP address to restrict the listener to that IP address.
Property methods: AllowedIPAddressesDisplayToLogical(), AllowedIPAddressesGet(), AllowedIPAddressesIsValid(), AllowedIPAddressesLogicalToDisplay(), AllowedIPAddressesLogicalToOdbc(), AllowedIPAddressesNormalize(), AllowedIPAddressesSet()
property DotNetServer as %String [ InitialExpression = "" ];
IP address or name of the machine where the .NET Gateway Server executable is located.
Property methods: DotNetServerDisplayToLogical(), DotNetServerGet(), DotNetServerIsValid(), DotNetServerLogicalToDisplay(), DotNetServerLogicalToOdbc(), DotNetServerNormalize(), DotNetServerSet()
property DotNetVersion as %String (DISPLAYLIST = ",Framework 4.6.2,Framework 4.5,Framework 3.5,Framework 2.0,Core 2.1,.NET 5.0,.NET 6.0", VALUELIST = ",F4.6.2,F4.5,F3.5,F2.0,C2.1,N5.0,N6.0") [ InitialExpression = "F4.6.2" ];
.NET version, used to select the intended directory for the target external executable.
Property methods: DotNetVersionDisplayToLogical(), DotNetVersionGet(), DotNetVersionIsValid(), DotNetVersionLogicalToDisplay(), DotNetVersionLogicalToOdbc(), DotNetVersionNormalize(), DotNetVersionSet()
property Exec64 as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
On 64-bit platforms, indicates if the Gateway server is to be executed as 32-bit (default) or 64-bit.
Property methods: Exec64DisplayToLogical(), Exec64Get(), Exec64IsValid(), Exec64LogicalToDisplay(), Exec64Normalize(), Exec64Set()
property FilePath as %String (MAXLEN = 1023);
Location of the .NET Gateway Server executable. It is used to find the target executable and assemble the command to start the .NET Gateway on a local server.
If this setting is not specified, the default directory used is ...\Dev\dotnet\bin\ under the Ensemble installation directory.
Property methods: FilePathDisplayToLogical(), FilePathGet(), FilePathIsValid(), FilePathLogicalToDisplay(), FilePathLogicalToOdbc(), FilePathNormalize(), FilePathSet()


deprecated classmethod ConnectGateway(pEndpoint As %String, ByRef pGateway As %Net.Remote.Gateway, pTimeout As %Numeric = 5, pAdditionalPaths As %String = "") as %Status
Connect to a running .NET Gateway Server. This method is deprecated.
method GetObjectGateway() as %DynamicObject
deprecated classmethod PingDotNetGateway(pPort As %String, pServer As %String = "") as %Status
"Ping" the .NET Gateway Server to check if it's alive. This method is deprecated.
method ServerGet() as %String
deprecated classmethod StartGateway(pFilePath As %String, pPort As %String, pAllowedIPAddresses As %String, pLogfile As %String = "", ByRef pDevice As %String = "", pServer As %String = "", pExec64 As %Boolean = 0, pVersion As %String = "2.0", pUsePassphrase As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Start up the .NET Gateway Server. This method is deprecated.
deprecated classmethod StopGateway(pPort As %String, pServer As %String = "", pTimeout As %Numeric = 5) as %Status
Shutdown the Gateway. This method is deprecated.

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