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class EnsLib.InteropTools.HL7.Common extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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; on unix, & on windows
parameter CMDQUOTE = ";
parameter CODEBUILDER = EnsLib.InteropTools.CodeBuilder.Code;
parameter DEFAULTVERSION = 2.3.1;
parameter INCLUDECOMMENTS = 1;
export CLASSPATH= Define path to antlr4 jar - not required if defined for all users
parameter JAVACMD = java;
either java or full path to java executable
parameter PERMANENTBAIL = 2;
parameter SCRIPTTOXML = MonkToXML;


property Annotate as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Property methods: AnnotateDisplayToLogical(), AnnotateGet(), AnnotateIsValid(), AnnotateLogicalToDisplay(), AnnotateNormalize(), AnnotateSet()
property Bail as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Property methods: BailDisplayToLogical(), BailGet(), BailIsValid(), BailLogicalToDisplay(), BailNormalize(), BailSet()
property Code as %String [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: CodeDisplayToLogical(), CodeGet(), CodeIsValid(), CodeLogicalToDisplay(), CodeLogicalToOdbc(), CodeNormalize(), CodeSet()
property Debug as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Property methods: DebugDisplayToLogical(), DebugGet(), DebugIsValid(), DebugLogicalToDisplay(), DebugNormalize(), DebugSet()
property Filename as %String);
Property methods: FilenameDisplayToLogical(), FilenameGet(), FilenameIsValid(), FilenameLogicalToDisplay(), FilenameLogicalToOdbc(), FilenameNormalize(), FilenameSet()
property FixNote;
Property methods: FixNote(), FixNoteDisplayToLogical(), FixNoteGet(), FixNoteIsValid(), FixNoteLogicalToDisplay(), FixNoteLogicalToOdbc(), FixNoteNormalize(), FixNoteSet()
property InputParameters as %String) [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: InputParametersDisplayToLogical(), InputParametersGet(), InputParametersIsValid(), InputParametersLogicalToDisplay(), InputParametersLogicalToOdbc(), InputParametersNormalize(), InputParametersSet()
property NoteVariable as %String) [ MultiDimensional ];
Problems related to variable substitution
Property methods: NoteVariable(), NoteVariableDisplayToLogical(), NoteVariableGet(), NoteVariableIsValid(), NoteVariableLogicalToDisplay(), NoteVariableLogicalToOdbc(), NoteVariableNormalize(), NoteVariableSet()
property Report as %String) [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: ReportDisplayToLogical(), ReportGet(), ReportIsValid(), ReportLogicalToDisplay(), ReportLogicalToOdbc(), ReportNormalize(), ReportSet()
property SelectedTranslation as %String) [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: SelectedTranslationDisplayToLogical(), SelectedTranslationGet(), SelectedTranslationIsValid(), SelectedTranslationLogicalToDisplay(), SelectedTranslationLogicalToOdbc(), SelectedTranslationNormalize(), SelectedTranslationSet()
property VariableReplacement as %String) [ MultiDimensional ];
Property methods: VariableReplacementDisplayToLogical(), VariableReplacementGet(), VariableReplacementIsValid(), VariableReplacementLogicalToDisplay(), VariableReplacementLogicalToOdbc(), VariableReplacementNormalize(), VariableReplacementSet()


method AddAnnotation(pItem, pText)
method BuildClass(pFileName, pCompile=1)
method CodeOutput()
classmethod CodeWalk(pFileName="", pInputParameters="", Output pOutput) as %Status
pFileName complete path and filename pClassName - generated className pSourceDocType - version:type ie 2.7.1:MDM_T02 pTargetDocType - version:type ie 2.7.1:MDM_T02 pDebug - break for issues
method CodeWalkChildren(pNode As %XML.Node, pDebug=0, pFileName)
method CodeWalkNode(pNode As %XML.Node, pLevel=0, pSet=1, pCommandLine="", pDebug=1, pFileName)
classmethod CompileJava() as %Status
Assuming the Customer class is defined correctly use parameters to compile scripts
classmethod Count(pFileName="", ByRef pClassName="", pSourceDocType="", pTargetDocType="", pReprocess=1, pDebug=0, pAllowSkip=1, pBuildDTL=1, pRebuildXML=0) as %Status
classmethod DTLClassname(pFileName)
method DereferenceVariables() as %Status
classmethod Files(pPath, pSuffix=".tsc,.ssc", pMethod="", Output pFiles, pArgs...)
method FixNote(pText, pItems="", pTop=1)
for problems found during conversion notes can be inserted at the top of the code pText = $C(9)_" *** some note "
when pItems is included the note will also be inserted at the current code position
classmethod GetClassName(pFileName, pClassName)
if the ClassName is not defined in CodeWalk generate one from the file name
classmethod NodeAsText(pNode, ByRef pText="", pTop=1) as %String
method NoteVariable(pRef, pText, pTop=1, pNoAck=0)
pRef - variable reference pText - text about issue pTop - note at the top of the new class pNoAck - note every time when pNoAck=1 (don't accept an acknowledgment), pNoAck = 0 indicates once it's been reported it won't be reported again
method ParseInputParameters(pInputParameters) as %Status
method ProcessReplaceCollection(pCollection)
method Replace(pValue, pItem) as %String
method ReplaceVarsCodeCOS(pItem)
method ReplaceVarsCodeCase(pItem)
method ReplaceVarsCodeCaseDefault(pItem)
method ReplaceVarsCodeForEach(pItem)
method ReplaceVarsCodeIf(pItem)
method ReplaceVarsCodeSet(pItem)
method ReplaceVarsCodeSwitch(pItem)
method ReportItem(pString, pBail=0) as %Status
classmethod ScriptToXML(pFrom, pTo, pDelete=1, ByRef pExists, pScriptToXML=..#SCRIPTTOXML) as %Status
method UpdateCode() as %Status
Override ability to update the code (CodeBuilder.Code) before saving, inserting comments at the beginning etc.
method imCodeWalk(pFileName="", pInputParameters, Output pOutput) as %Status

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