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class HS.FHIRPath.Parser extends %Library.RegisteredObject

This class parses a FHIRPath expression and returns a HS.FHIRPath.Node object that is the root of the parse tree.

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parameter MetaGlobalName = ^HS.FHIRPath.Meta;


property fhirPathVersion as %Integer;
Property methods: fhirPathVersionDisplayToLogical(), fhirPathVersionGet(), fhirPathVersionIsValid(), fhirPathVersionLogicalToDisplay(), fhirPathVersionNormalize(), fhirPathVersionSet()
property lexer as HS.FHIRPath.Lexer;
Property methods: lexerGet(), lexerGetSwizzled(), lexerIsValid(), lexerNewObject(), lexerSet()


method %OnNew(fhirPathVersion="2") as %Status
Right now, the parser can handle the syntax for both V1 and V2 of FHIRPath without any conditionals based on the version. We will keep the input for future use.
method parse(text As %String, debug=0) as Node

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