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serial class HS.FHIRServer.API.Data.Request extends %Library.SerialObject, %XML.Adaptor

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parameter RESPONSECLASSNAME = HS.FHIRServer.API.Data.Response;


property AdditionalInfo as array of HS.Types.AdditionalInfoItem;
Used for ad hoc data that is meant to travel only between config items and not between productions/systems.
Property methods: AdditionalInfoBuildValueArray(), AdditionalInfoCollectionToDisplay(), AdditionalInfoCollectionToOdbc(), AdditionalInfoDisplayToCollection(), AdditionalInfoDisplayToLogical(), AdditionalInfoGet(), AdditionalInfoGetObject(), AdditionalInfoGetObjectId(), AdditionalInfoGetSwizzled(), AdditionalInfoIsValid(), AdditionalInfoLogicalToDisplay(), AdditionalInfoLogicalToOdbc(), AdditionalInfoNormalize(), AdditionalInfoOdbcToCollection(), AdditionalInfoSet(), AdditionalInfoSetObject(), AdditionalInfoSetObjectId()
property BaseURL as %String);
The base URL for this request (provided by the caller to allow for construction of full URLs in FHIR Responses)
Property methods: BaseURLDisplayToLogical(), BaseURLGet(), BaseURLIsValid(), BaseURLLogicalToDisplay(), BaseURLLogicalToOdbc(), BaseURLNormalize(), BaseURLSet()
property IfMatch as %String;
FHIR REST takes this from the Http 'IF_MATCH' Header This is used for managing update contention
Property methods: IfMatchDisplayToLogical(), IfMatchGet(), IfMatchIsValid(), IfMatchLogicalToDisplay(), IfMatchLogicalToOdbc(), IfMatchNormalize(), IfMatchSet()
property IfModifiedSince as %String;
FHIR REST takes this from the Http 'IF_MODIFIED_SINCE' Header This is used for managing concurrency
Property methods: IfModifiedSinceDisplayToLogical(), IfModifiedSinceGet(), IfModifiedSinceIsValid(), IfModifiedSinceLogicalToDisplay(), IfModifiedSinceLogicalToOdbc(), IfModifiedSinceNormalize(), IfModifiedSinceSet()
property IfNoneExist as %String);
FHIR REST takes this from the Http 'IF_NONE_EXIST' Header This is used for conditional creates
Property methods: IfNoneExistDisplayToLogical(), IfNoneExistGet(), IfNoneExistIsValid(), IfNoneExistLogicalToDisplay(), IfNoneExistLogicalToOdbc(), IfNoneExistNormalize(), IfNoneExistSet()
property IfNoneMatch as %String;
FHIR REST takes this from the Http 'IF_NONE_MATCH' Header This is used for managing concurrency
Property methods: IfNoneMatchDisplayToLogical(), IfNoneMatchGet(), IfNoneMatchIsValid(), IfNoneMatchLogicalToDisplay(), IfNoneMatchLogicalToOdbc(), IfNoneMatchNormalize(), IfNoneMatchSet()
property IsRecursive as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
This should be set to true when dispatching the service during the processing of an interaction. This will often occur during the processing of $Operation and Transaction interactions. Setting this to true suppresses the invocation of OnBeforeRequest.
Property methods: IsRecursiveDisplayToLogical(), IsRecursiveGet(), IsRecursiveIsValid(), IsRecursiveLogicalToDisplay(), IsRecursiveLogicalToXSD(), IsRecursiveNormalize(), IsRecursiveSet(), IsRecursiveXSDToLogical()
property Prefer as %String;
FHIR REST takes this from the Http 'PREFER' Header This is used for conditional creates
Property methods: PreferDisplayToLogical(), PreferGet(), PreferIsValid(), PreferLogicalToDisplay(), PreferLogicalToOdbc(), PreferNormalize(), PreferSet()
property QueryString as %String);
The part of the incoming URL that represent any query parameters. This path does NOT begin with '?', but does contain embedded '&' to separate multiple query parameters
Property methods: QueryStringDisplayToLogical(), QueryStringGet(), QueryStringIsValid(), QueryStringLogicalToDisplay(), QueryStringLogicalToOdbc(), QueryStringNormalize(), QueryStringSet()
property RequestFormatCode as %String;
Property methods: RequestFormatCodeDisplayToLogical(), RequestFormatCodeGet(), RequestFormatCodeIsValid(), RequestFormatCodeLogicalToDisplay(), RequestFormatCodeLogicalToOdbc(), RequestFormatCodeNormalize(), RequestFormatCodeSet()
property RequestMethod as %String;
The HTTP Verb specified for this RequestPath
Property methods: RequestMethodDisplayToLogical(), RequestMethodGet(), RequestMethodIsValid(), RequestMethodLogicalToDisplay(), RequestMethodLogicalToOdbc(), RequestMethodNormalize(), RequestMethodSet()
property RequestPath as %String);
The portion of the URL that represents the REST request. This string always begins with '/' and does not end with '/' This string can be appended to the BaseURL property to recreate the full URL path used by the caller.
Property methods: RequestPathDisplayToLogical(), RequestPathGet(), RequestPathIsValid(), RequestPathLogicalToDisplay(), RequestPathLogicalToOdbc(), RequestPathNormalize(), RequestPathSet()
property ResponseFormatCode as %String;
Property methods: ResponseFormatCodeDisplayToLogical(), ResponseFormatCodeGet(), ResponseFormatCodeIsValid(), ResponseFormatCodeLogicalToDisplay(), ResponseFormatCodeLogicalToOdbc(), ResponseFormatCodeNormalize(), ResponseFormatCodeSet()
property Roles as %String [ Calculated ];
Property methods: RolesDisplayToLogical(), RolesGet(), RolesIsValid(), RolesLogicalToDisplay(), RolesLogicalToOdbc(), RolesNormalize(), RolesSet()
property SessionApplication as %String (MAXLEN = 255);
This is the "Application" name as specified by the CSP layer. It is the base URL of the endpoint and is used as a unique key for this instance.
Property methods: SessionApplicationDisplayToLogical(), SessionApplicationGet(), SessionApplicationIsValid(), SessionApplicationLogicalToDisplay(), SessionApplicationLogicalToOdbc(), SessionApplicationNormalize(), SessionApplicationSet()
property SessionId as %String (MAXLEN = 255);
Property methods: SessionIdDisplayToLogical(), SessionIdGet(), SessionIdIsValid(), SessionIdLogicalToDisplay(), SessionIdLogicalToOdbc(), SessionIdNormalize(), SessionIdSet()
property TimestampUTC as %TimeStamp [ InitialExpression = $ZDT($ZTS,3) , Required ];
Time stamp of when we received this message
Property methods: TimestampUTCDisplayToLogical(), TimestampUTCGet(), TimestampUTCIsValid(), TimestampUTCLogicalToDisplay(), TimestampUTCLogicalToXSD(), TimestampUTCNormalize(), TimestampUTCOdbcToLogical(), TimestampUTCSet(), TimestampUTCXSDToLogical()
property Username as %String [ Calculated ];
Property methods: UsernameDisplayToLogical(), UsernameGet(), UsernameIsValid(), UsernameLogicalToDisplay(), UsernameLogicalToOdbc(), UsernameNormalize(), UsernameSet()


method GetParameterCount(pParamName As %String) as %Integer
GetParameterCount returns the number of instances of a given parameter. Each instance may have a modifier or not
method GetParameterValue(pParamName As %String, pPosition As %Integer = 1, ByRef pModifier As %String) as %String
GetParameter returns the value of a specified parameter instance, plus any parameter modifier. This method assumes that all instances of a given parameter include a modifier OR all instances do NOT include a modifier. Parameter modifier in FHIR is expressed as a colon-delimited suffix on the parameter name (not value), for example family:exact=jones.
method NewResponse() as HS.FHIRServer.API.Data.Response
method RolesGet() as %String
method RolesSet(pNewRoles As %String) as %Status
method UsernameGet() as %String
method UsernameSet(pNewUsername As %String) as %Status

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