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class EnsLib.InteropTools.HL7.MessageAnalyzer.NFA.Diff.DiffRegion extends %Library.RegisteredObject

A region of difference between a schema and message

Method Inventory


method AddMessageRecord(pMessageSkipped As %List)
method AddSchemaRecord(pSchemaSkipped As %String)
method AnySchemaElements() as %Boolean
method AsString(pMachine As Machine = "", pWithSchemaOffset As %Boolean = 0) as %String
method CSVRepr() as %List
Return a %List of the message segments in our skipped list
method GetExtents(pIndex As %Integer, ByRef pExtents)

and sets pExtents(pIndex,1..*)=SCHEMAELEMENTNAME

method Length() as %Integer
method MessageTextAt(pStartOffs As %Integer, pEndOffs As %Integer) as %List
Return the message text at the given range, or "" if there is no entry for the range
method SchemaOffsets() as %String
Return a %List of the schema offset %Lists (start,afterend) corresponding to the skipped message segments
classmethod ShowMessage(pMessageSkipped As %List, pWithSchemaOffset As %Boolean = 1) as %String
classmethod ShowMessageList(pMessageSkippedList As %List, pWithSchemaOffset As %Boolean = 1) as %List
Given $LB(MessageSkippedItem,..) Return $LB(MessageExpansion,..)
classmethod ShowSchema(pSchemaSkipped As %String, pMachine As Machine = "") as %String
classmethod ShowSchemaOffset(pSchemaOffset As %List) as %String

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