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abstract class EnsLib.InteropTools.HL7.MessageAnalyzer.Union.LoadMessages

Method Inventory


classmethod ClusterMessages(pMessageSegmentListList As %List, Output pCommonalities)
classmethod Collect(pReader As MessageFileReader, ByRef pMessageArray, ByRef pMessageCount, Output pRejectedMessages)
Remove any duplicate messages and collect without a grouping

Returns: pMessageArray(SEGLISTHASH)=SEGLIST, pMessageCount(SEGLISTHASH)=COUNT, pRejectedMessages(1..pRejectedMessages)=SEGLIST - where SEGLIST is a $List of message segment types, COUNT is the number of original messages with that SEGLIST, SEGLISTHASH is the raw hash of the SEGLIST

classmethod ExtractToLists(ByRef pMessageArray, pMessageType As %String) as %List
Collect each message with this message type into a $List of $Lists of message segment types
classmethod LoadMessagesInteractively(pFilePath As %String, pByMessageType As %Boolean, pConfig As Config, pLogger As Logger, pQuiet As %Boolean = 1, ByRef pMessageArray, ByRef pMessageCount)
classmethod WithoutMatchingMessages(pMessages As %List, pSchemaName As %String, pVersion As %String) as %List
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