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class HS.FHIRMeta.Impl.TypeInfo extends HS.FHIRMeta.Impl.Base

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method GetCompartmentsForResource(pResourceObj As %DynamicObject) as %List
@API Returns a $List of compartments containing the specified resource
method IsA(pTypeName As %String, pAncestorName As %String)
Inherited description: API IsA Indicates whether a specified type is an instance of an ancestor class
  • pTypeName : (required) FHIR type.
  • pAncestorName : (required) FHIR type.

    Return: a %Boolean - 1 pTypeName is identical to or a subclass of pAncestorName
  • method IsSharedResourceType(pResourceType As %String)
    API IsSharedResourceType Indicates whether a resourceType is or can reference a Patient
  • pResourceType : (required) FHIR resource type.

    Return: a %Boolean - 1 if shared (no patient references), 0 if unshared
  • method IsValidResourceType(pResourceType As %String) as %Boolean
    API IsValidResourceType validates the specified resource type against this Schema, returning a %Boolean
  • pResourceType : (required) FHIR resource type.

    Return: a %Boolean - 0 = Is not a valid resource type as per the specified schema, 1 = Is valid.
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