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class HS.FHIRMeta.Load.Field extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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property canReferTo as %List;
%List of Resource Types that a reference type can target
Property methods: canReferToGet(), canReferToIsValid(), canReferToLogicalToOdbc(), canReferToOdbcToLogical(), canReferToSet()
property fhirType as %String;
The 'fhirType' object describing this field
Property methods: fhirTypeDisplayToLogical(), fhirTypeGet(), fhirTypeIsValid(), fhirTypeLogicalToDisplay(), fhirTypeLogicalToOdbc(), fhirTypeNormalize(), fhirTypeSet()
property fixedUri as %String;
The FixedUri if this field is implemented as an extension
Property methods: fixedUriDisplayToLogical(), fixedUriGet(), fixedUriIsValid(), fixedUriLogicalToDisplay(), fixedUriLogicalToOdbc(), fixedUriNormalize(), fixedUriSet()
property index as %Integer;
An index assigned to each unique semantic property. For 'value' type properties, all variants have the same index
Property methods: indexDisplayToLogical(), indexGet(), indexIsValid(), indexLogicalToDisplay(), indexNormalize(), indexSet()
property isArray as %Boolean;
Indicates whether the field is represented as an array or a scalar Note: An array property can be constrained to maximum of one value, so we cannot use the 'max' property as an indicator of how to represent this field
Property methods: isArrayDisplayToLogical(), isArrayGet(), isArrayIsValid(), isArrayLogicalToDisplay(), isArrayNormalize(), isArraySet()
property isVariant as %Boolean [ Calculated ];
True if this property is represented in XML as an attribute
Property methods: isVariantDisplayToLogical(), isVariantGet(), isVariantIsValid(), isVariantLogicalToDisplay(), isVariantNormalize()
property isXmlAttr as %Boolean;
True if this property is represented in XML as an attribute
Property methods: isXmlAttrDisplayToLogical(), isXmlAttrGet(), isXmlAttrIsValid(), isXmlAttrLogicalToDisplay(), isXmlAttrNormalize(), isXmlAttrSet()
property max as %String;
Property methods: maxDisplayToLogical(), maxGet(), maxIsValid(), maxLogicalToDisplay(), maxLogicalToOdbc(), maxNormalize(), maxSet()
property min as %Integer;
Property methods: minDisplayToLogical(), minGet(), minIsValid(), minLogicalToDisplay(), minNormalize(), minSet()
property name as %String;
Property methods: nameDisplayToLogical(), nameGet(), nameIsValid(), nameLogicalToDisplay(), nameLogicalToOdbc(), nameNormalize(), nameSet()
property noExtensions as %Boolean;
True if this profiled Extension field can NOT have unprofiled Extensions
Property methods: noExtensionsDisplayToLogical(), noExtensionsGet(), noExtensionsIsValid(), noExtensionsLogicalToDisplay(), noExtensionsNormalize(), noExtensionsSet()
property path as %String;
Property methods: pathDisplayToLogical(), pathGet(), pathIsValid(), pathLogicalToDisplay(), pathLogicalToOdbc(), pathNormalize(), pathSet()
property valueSetStrength as %String;
The "strength" code for the valueSet (required | extensible | preferred | example)
Property methods: valueSetStrengthDisplayToLogical(), valueSetStrengthGet(), valueSetStrengthIsValid(), valueSetStrengthLogicalToDisplay(), valueSetStrengthLogicalToOdbc(), valueSetStrengthNormalize(), valueSetStrengthSet()
property valueSetUrl as %String;
The Url for the ValueSet resource (if any) for this property
Property methods: valueSetUrlDisplayToLogical(), valueSetUrlGet(), valueSetUrlIsValid(), valueSetUrlLogicalToDisplay(), valueSetUrlLogicalToOdbc(), valueSetUrlNormalize(), valueSetUrlSet()
property variantTypeCount as %Integer;
0 if not a variant, otherwise the number of variant types
Property methods: variantTypeCountDisplayToLogical(), variantTypeCountGet(), variantTypeCountIsValid(), variantTypeCountLogicalToDisplay(), variantTypeCountNormalize(), variantTypeCountSet()
property vindex as %Integer;
An index assigned to each unique variant of a 'value' property Set to zero for a non-variant property
Property methods: vindexDisplayToLogical(), vindexGet(), vindexIsValid(), vindexLogicalToDisplay(), vindexNormalize(), vindexSet()


method %OnNew(name, index, fhirType, min, max) as %Status
Initialize from a ElementDefinition
method asString() as %String
method isVariantGet() as %Boolean

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