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class HS.FHIRPath.Token extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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property idName as %String;
Non-empty if the token can be an identifier
Property methods: idNameDisplayToLogical(), idNameGet(), idNameIsValid(), idNameLogicalToDisplay(), idNameLogicalToOdbc(), idNameNormalize(), idNameSet()
property literalType as %String;
If non-empty, then idName is a literal value and this field indicates the datatype
Property methods: literalTypeDisplayToLogical(), literalTypeGet(), literalTypeIsValid(), literalTypeLogicalToDisplay(), literalTypeLogicalToOdbc(), literalTypeNormalize(), literalTypeSet()
property markerName as %String;
If non-empty, this is a marker, and the value is the closing token
Property methods: markerNameDisplayToLogical(), markerNameGet(), markerNameIsValid(), markerNameLogicalToDisplay(), markerNameLogicalToOdbc(), markerNameNormalize(), markerNameSet()
property opName as %String;
Non-empty if the token can be an operator
Property methods: opNameDisplayToLogical(), opNameGet(), opNameIsValid(), opNameLogicalToDisplay(), opNameLogicalToOdbc(), opNameNormalize(), opNameSet()
property opPrecedence as %Numeric;
Precedence value if an operator
Property methods: opPrecedenceDisplayToLogical(), opPrecedenceGet(), opPrecedenceIsValid(), opPrecedenceLogicalToDisplay(), opPrecedenceNormalize(), opPrecedenceSet()
property opUsage as %String;
opUsage: string describing the operator possible usages as a 3 character string "bup" where each position is either the letter, blank or missing. If present, it indicates that the operator is valid as: "b": a binary operator, "u": a unary operator, "p": a post-unary operator (it appears after its operand)
Property methods: opUsageDisplayToLogical(), opUsageGet(), opUsageIsValid(), opUsageLogicalToDisplay(), opUsageLogicalToOdbc(), opUsageNormalize(), opUsageSet()


classmethod NewIdOp(name As %String, opPrecedence As %Numeric, opUsage As %String) as Token
classmethod NewIdentifier(name As %String, literalType="") as Token
classmethod NewMarker(openName As %String, closeName As %String) as Token
classmethod NewOperator(name As %String, opPrecedence As %Numeric, opUsage As %String) as Token
method asString() as %String

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