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abstract class HS.FHIRServer.Utils

This class has a subset of methods refactored from HS.FHIR.Util

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classmethod ConvertToUTC(pDateTime As %String) as %String
API ConvertToUTC takes a date time value and converts it to UTC time. Expected input format is YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS[.ssss][(+/-)HH:MM]/[Z]. A date-only input value is returned unchanged. A date time input value with the "Z" time zone appended is returned unchanged.
classmethod GetOAuthServerMetaByService(pServiceName As %String) as %DynamicObject
GetOAuthMetadataByServiceName derives an endpoint URL from the specified Service Registry entry, then gets the OAuth 2.0 authorization server metadata at that issuer URL. It then returns the metadata as a %DynamicObject.
classmethod Subsetted(ByRef pResource As %DynamicObject, pReason As %String)
Adds the SUBSETTED code to a resource's meta.tag to indicate some portion was omitted (like from _summary or _elements)
classmethod URLParamStringToArray(pParametersString As %String, Output pParametersArray As HS.FHIRServer.API.Data.QueryParameters)
API URLParamStringToArray takes a URL parameters string and converts it to an array of $List.

  • pParametersString : Parameters string exactly as one would see in a request URL.

  • pParametersArray : %Library.ArrayOfDataTypes that is an array of $List, indexed by parameter name. Use the GetParameterCount() and GetParameterValue() methods of this class to extract information from this array.
  • classmethod URLParameterArrayToString(pParametersArray As %Library.ArrayOfDataTypes) as %String
    classmethod ValidateAndConvertDate(pParamName As %String, ByRef pDate As %String)
    @API Method
    Validate a date query param and convert to a UTC timestamp
    Throws an error if pDate fails validation
    Input: pParamName is just informational in the event an error is thrown
    Input: pDate can be in the format:
    YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss[+/-hh:mm|Z] (timezone optional)
    YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.nnn[+/-hh:mm|Z] (timezone optional)
    This method will also assert that month, date, hour, minute and second values are valid
    final classmethod isLicensedforRepo() as %Boolean
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