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class HS.HC.Util.SystemStartup extends HS.HC.Util.Installer.AbstractStartupClass

IRIS for Health system startup tasks.

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parameter ExecutionContext = 2;
Inherited description: Permitted execution context. 1 = Startup only (default), 2 = System becoming primary (also startup in non-mirrored)
parameter Name = IRIS for Health System Startup;
Inherited description: Optional descriptive name to use in logging messages regarding the execution of this class.


classmethod CleanTempDirGlobals(pNamespace As %String)
Delete all the globals that are directly in the database for the specified namespace.
classmethod OnSystemStartup()
Inherited description: Method invoked by Startup loop. Implementation of this class implements this method.
- Expected startup mode is as a background job.
- Expected startup namespace is HSLIB.

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