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class HS.Push.Types.DocumentRepository extends HS.Push.Types.DocumentContent

Property Inventory


property MPIID as %String;
The Patient's MPIID
Property methods: MPIIDDisplayToLogical(), MPIIDGet(), MPIIDIsValid(), MPIIDLogicalToDisplay(), MPIIDLogicalToOdbc(), MPIIDNormalize(), MPIIDSet()
property PatName as %String);
Used for audit of the patient's name
Property methods: PatNameDisplayToLogical(), PatNameGet(), PatNameIsValid(), PatNameLogicalToDisplay(), PatNameLogicalToOdbc(), PatNameNormalize(), PatNameSet()
property Source as %String (MAXLEN = 256);
Used for audit For subscription sources, this will be the facility_"/"_subscription subject For composed documents, this will be the clinician name
Property methods: SourceDisplayToLogical(), SourceGet(), SourceIsValid(), SourceLogicalToDisplay(), SourceLogicalToOdbc(), SourceNormalize(), SourceSet()

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