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persistent class HS.Registry.Document.Association extends %Library.Persistent, %XML.Adaptor

SQL Table Name: HS_Registry_Document.Association

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Inherited description: The XMLIGNOREINVALIDTAG parameter allows the programmer to control handling of unexpected elements in the XML input. The XMLIGNOREINVALIDTAG parameter will only take affect if XMLSEQUENCE = 0 (the default). By default (XMLIGNOREINVALIDTAG = 0), will treat an unexpected element as an error. If XMLIGNOREINVALIDTAG is set = 1 and XMLSEQUENCE = 0, then unexpected elements will be ignored.
parameter XMLIGNORENULL = 1;
Inherited description: XMLIGNORENULL allows the programmer to override the default XML handling of empty strings for properties of type %String. By default (XMLIGNORENULL = 0), empty strings in the XML input are stored as $c(0) and $c(0) is written to XML as an empty tag. A missing tag in the XML input is always stored as "" and "" is always output to XML as no tag.

If XMLIGNORENULL is set = 1, then both missing tags in the XML and empty strings are input as "", and both "" and $c(0) are output as empty tags (i.e. <tag></tag>).

If XMLIGNORENULL is set = "inputonly", then both missing tags in the XML and empty strings are input as "". Output of "" and $c(0) are for XMLIGNORENULL = 0: $c(0) is output as an empty tag (i.e. <tag></tag>) and "" is output as no tag.

If XMLIGNORENULL = "runtime" (runtime is not case sensitive), then the behavior of XMLIGNORENULL is determined by the format parameter of XMLExport, XMLImport and %XML.Reader.OpenFile. The default behavior for XMLIGNORENULL="runtime is the same as XMLIGNORENULL=0. Adding "ignorenull" to the format argument changes the behavior to that of XMLIGNORENULL=1. "ignorenull" shoud be separated by a comma from literal/encoded part of the format. Example values for format are "", ",ignorenull", "literal,ignorenull" and "encoded,ignorenull". Note that "inputonly" is equivalent to using ,ignorenull for XMLExport and not for %XML.Reader.


property AssociationType as HS.Types.IHE.Association);
Property methods: AssociationTypeDisplayToLogical(), AssociationTypeGet(), AssociationTypeGetStored(), AssociationTypeIsValid(), AssociationTypeLogicalToDisplay(), AssociationTypeLogicalToOdbc(), AssociationTypeLogicalToXSD(), AssociationTypeNormalize(), AssociationTypeSet(), AssociationTypeXSDToLogical()
property Attributes as array of %String (MAXLEN = 32000, STORAGEDEFAULT = "array", XMLNAME = "Attributes", XMLPROJECTION = "ELEMENT");
Property methods: AttributesBuildValueArray(), AttributesCollectionToDisplay(), AttributesCollectionToOdbc(), AttributesDisplayToCollection(), AttributesDisplayToLogical(), AttributesGet(), AttributesGetObject(), AttributesGetObjectId(), AttributesGetStored(), AttributesGetSwizzled(), AttributesIsValid(), AttributesLogicalToDisplay(), AttributesLogicalToOdbc(), AttributesNormalize(), AttributesOdbcToCollection(), AttributesSet(), AttributesSetObject(), AttributesSetObjectId()
property Classifications as list of HS.Registry.Document.Classification (SELECTIVITY = "99.9%", XMLNAME = "Classification", XMLPROJECTION = "ELEMENT");
Property methods: ClassificationsBuildValueArray(), ClassificationsCollectionToDisplay(), ClassificationsCollectionToOdbc(), ClassificationsDisplayToCollection(), ClassificationsGet(), ClassificationsGetObject(), ClassificationsGetObjectId(), ClassificationsGetStored(), ClassificationsGetSwizzled(), ClassificationsIsValid(), ClassificationsOdbcToCollection(), ClassificationsSet(), ClassificationsSetObject(), ClassificationsSetObjectId()
property IID as %String (MAXLEN = 256, SELECTIVITY = 1, XMLNAME = "id", XMLPROJECTION = "ATTRIBUTE");
Property methods: IIDDisplayToLogical(), IIDGet(), IIDGetStored(), IIDIsValid(), IIDLogicalToDisplay(), IIDLogicalToOdbc(), IIDNormalize(), IIDSet()
property LogicalIID as %String (MAXLEN = 256, SELECTIVITY = 1);
Property methods: LogicalIIDDisplayToLogical(), LogicalIIDGet(), LogicalIIDGetStored(), LogicalIIDIsValid(), LogicalIIDLogicalToDisplay(), LogicalIIDLogicalToOdbc(), LogicalIIDNormalize(), LogicalIIDSet()
property Slots as list of HS.IHE.XDSb.Types.Slot (STORAGEDEFAULT = "array", XMLNAME = "Slot", XMLPROJECTION = "ELEMENT");
Hold on to OriginalStatus and NewStatus for MetadataUpdate
Property methods: SlotsBuildValueArray(), SlotsCollectionToDisplay(), SlotsCollectionToOdbc(), SlotsDisplayToCollection(), SlotsGet(), SlotsGetObject(), SlotsGetObjectId(), SlotsGetStored(), SlotsGetSwizzled(), SlotsIsValid(), SlotsOdbcToCollection(), SlotsSet(), SlotsSetObject(), SlotsSetObjectId()
property SourceObject as %String);
Property methods: SourceObjectDisplayToLogical(), SourceObjectGet(), SourceObjectGetStored(), SourceObjectIsValid(), SourceObjectLogicalToDisplay(), SourceObjectLogicalToOdbc(), SourceObjectNormalize(), SourceObjectSet()
property Status as HS.Types.IHE.Status (SELECTIVITY = "99.9%", XMLNAME = "Status", XMLPROJECTION = "Element");
Property methods: StatusDisplayToLogical(), StatusGet(), StatusGetStored(), StatusIsValid(), StatusLogicalToDisplay(), StatusLogicalToOdbc(), StatusLogicalToXSD(), StatusNormalize(), StatusSet(), StatusXSDToLogical()
property TargetObject as %String);
Property methods: TargetObjectDisplayToLogical(), TargetObjectGet(), TargetObjectGetStored(), TargetObjectIsValid(), TargetObjectLogicalToDisplay(), TargetObjectLogicalToOdbc(), TargetObjectNormalize(), TargetObjectSet()


classmethod AssociationIIDsForIID(pIID, ByRef pAryIIDs) as %Status
Used for locating association IIDs for a given IID for confirmation in DeleteDocumentSet
classmethod IDsForIID(pIID, ByRef pAryIDs, pType="HasMember") as %Status
classmethod IDsForSourceAndTargetIID(pSourceIID, pTargetIID, ByRef pAryIDs, pType="HasMember") as %Status
return targetObject IDs for associations given the sourceObjectID (submission set)
classmethod IDsForTargetIID(pIID, ByRef pAryIDs, pType="HasMember") as %Status
classmethod SourceIDsForTargetIID(pIID, ByRef pAryIDs, pType="HasMember") as %Status
return targetObject IDs for associations given the sourceObjectID (submission set)
classmethod TargetIDsForSourceIID(pIID, ByRef pAryIDs, pType="HasMember") as %Status
return targetObject IDs for associations given the sourceObjectID (submission set)


index ($Association on ) [Extent, Type = bitmap];
index (AssociationTypeIndex on AssociationType) [Type = bitmap];
index (AttributesIndex on Attributes(ELEMENTS),Attributes(KEYS));
index (IDKEY on ) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: IDKEYCheck(), IDKEYDelete(), IDKEYExists(), IDKEYOpen(), IDKEYSQLCheckUnique(), IDKEYSQLExists(), IDKEYSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), IDKEYSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()
index (IIDIndex on IID) [Unique];
Index methods: IIDIndexCheck(), IIDIndexCheckUnique(), IIDIndexDelete(), IIDIndexExists(), IIDIndexOpen(), IIDIndexSQLCheckUnique(), IIDIndexSQLExists(), IIDIndexSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), IIDIndexSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()
index (LogicalIIDIndex on LogicalIID);
Index methods: LogicalIIDIndexExists()
index (SourceObjectIndex on SourceObject);
Index methods: SourceObjectIndexExists()
index (StatusIndex on Status) [Type = bitmap];
index (TargetObjectIndex on TargetObject);
Index methods: TargetObjectIndexExists()

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Storage Model: Storage (HS.Registry.Document.Association)


Storage Model: Storage (HS.Registry.Document.Association)


Storage Model: Storage (HS.Registry.Document.Association)

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