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serial class HS.Types.Grid.Evaluator extends %Library.SerialObject, %XML.Adaptor

Expression evaluator for a HS.Types.Grid or any delimited stream

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property Expressions as list of HS.Types.Grid.Expression;
Expressions to evaluate
Property methods: ExpressionsBuildValueArray(), ExpressionsCollectionToDisplay(), ExpressionsCollectionToOdbc(), ExpressionsDisplayToCollection(), ExpressionsGet(), ExpressionsGetObject(), ExpressionsGetObjectId(), ExpressionsGetSwizzled(), ExpressionsIsValid(), ExpressionsOdbcToCollection(), ExpressionsSet(), ExpressionsSetObject(), ExpressionsSetObjectId()
property Passed as %Boolean;
True when all expressions have at least one true eval. If there are no expressions, then returns true if at least one row.
Property methods: PassedDisplayToLogical(), PassedIsValid(), PassedLogicalToDisplay(), PassedLogicalToXSD(), PassedNormalize(), PassedSet(), PassedXSDToLogical()
property RowCount as %Integer;
Number of lines processed.
Property methods: RowCountDisplayToLogical(), RowCountGet(), RowCountIsValid(), RowCountLogicalToDisplay(), RowCountNormalize(), RowCountSet(), RowCountXSDToLogical()


method PassedGet() as %Boolean
Calculate the passed property
method ProcessGrid(pGrid As HS.Types.Grid) as %Status
Process grid, automatically sets up the delimiters and expressions
method ProcessLine(pLine As %String) as %Status
Process a delimited string of fields
method ProcessList(pList As %List, pPassed As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Process a %List of fields
method ProcessStream(pStream As %Stream.Object, pCellDelimiter As %String) as %Status
Process a stream of delimited data. Assumes stream line terminator (and translate table) already set

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