datatype class Ens.DataType.MessagePriority extends %Library.Integer


Encapsulate a MessageHeader type value value = 3 is no longer in use. It was used for Normal pripority in the past, and is only defined here for displaying older messages.


parameter DISPLAYLIST = ,HighSync,Sync,Normal,SimSync,Async;
Inherited description: Used for enumerated (multiple-choice) attributes. Used in conjunction with the VALUELIST parameter for enumerated (multiple-choice) attributes. DISPLAYLIST, if not null, represents the display values for the attribute corresponding with the logical values listed in VALUELIST.

The display values are returned by the LogicalToDisplay method.

parameter VALUELIST = ,1,2,3,4,6;
Inherited description: Used for enumerated (multiple-choice) attributes. VALUELIST is either a null string ("") or a delimiter separated list (where the delimiter is the first character) of logical values. If a non-null value is present, then the attribute is restricted to values in the list, and the validation code simply checks to see if the value is in the list.

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