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abstract class %DeepSee.PMML.Model.GeneralRegression extends %DeepSee.PMML.Model.AbstractModel

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parameter TRACEWEIGHTTYPE = add;
Inherited description: How the weighting info in this models trace output needs to be interpreted. Either of:
  • "none": only rank info available
  • "tree": trace info is a sequence of tree nodes leading to the prediction
  • "add": additive contributions (total score might be a function of this sum)
  • "multiply": multiplicative contributions (total score might be a function of this product)


property ContrastMatrices [ MultiDimensional ];
..ContrastMatrices(predictor, row, col)
Property methods: ContrastMatricesDisplayToLogical(), ContrastMatricesGet(), ContrastMatricesIsValid(), ContrastMatricesLogicalToDisplay(), ContrastMatricesLogicalToOdbc(), ContrastMatricesNormalize(), ContrastMatricesSet()
property PPMatrix [ MultiDimensional ];
Based on ..PPMatrix(paramName, predictorName) = value
Property methods: PPMatrixDisplayToLogical(), PPMatrixGet(), PPMatrixIsValid(), PPMatrixLogicalToDisplay(), PPMatrixLogicalToOdbc(), PPMatrixNormalize(), PPMatrixSet()
property ParamMatrix [ MultiDimensional ];
Based on ..ParamMatrix(targetValue, paramName) = beta
Property methods: ParamMatrixDisplayToLogical(), ParamMatrixGet(), ParamMatrixIsValid(), ParamMatrixLogicalToDisplay(), ParamMatrixLogicalToOdbc(), ParamMatrixNormalize(), ParamMatrixSet()
property Parameters [ MultiDimensional ];
Based on ..Parameters(paramName) = label
Property methods: ParametersDisplayToLogical(), ParametersGet(), ParametersIsValid(), ParametersLogicalToDisplay(), ParametersLogicalToOdbc(), ParametersNormalize(), ParametersSet()
property Predictors [ MultiDimensional ];
Based on and ..Predictors(paramName) = [factor|covariate]
Property methods: PredictorsDisplayToLogical(), PredictorsGet(), PredictorsIsValid(), PredictorsLogicalToDisplay(), PredictorsLogicalToOdbc(), PredictorsNormalize(), PredictorsSet()


abstract method CalculateXBeta(ByRef pObservation As %DeepSee.PMML.ModelInput, Output pXBeta, Output pBestTarget As %String = "", Output pBestScore As %Double = "", pAddZero As %String = "") as %Status

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