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class %DeepSee.SQL.CatalogQueries

Method Inventory


classmethod HasUnsupportedFeatures(pCubeName As %String, Output pUnsupportedFeatures, Output pSC As %Status = $$$OK) as %Boolean [ SQLProc = HasUnsupportedFeatures ]
Projected as the stored procedure: HasUnsupportedFeatures
Checks if a cube or subject area uses features that are not supported by default through the SQL projections. For example, the presence of an %OnGetFilterSpec() method on the cube class may indicate certain runtime code is expected that cannot be guaranteed to run by direct SQL access.


query GetCubes(pIncludeUnsupported As %String(VALUELIST=",none,warning,error")="none")
Selects ClassName As %String, CubeName As %String, DisplayName As %String, Type As %String, PackageName As %String, UnsupportedFeatures As %String
Retrieves a list of all cubes accessible through SQL, along with relevant metadata, including whether the cube has any features not supported through direct SQL access. These cubes can be excluded from the result through the pIncludeUnsupported parameter, which defaults to "warning", meaning only cubes that will definitely not work are excluded from the result.
query GetDimensionColumns(pTableName As %String)
Selects ColumnName As %String, DisplayName As %String, Usage As %String, References As %String
query GetDimensionTables(pCubeName As %String)
Selects TableName As %String, DisplayName As %String
query GetUnsupportedFeatures(pCubeName As %String)
Selects Severity As %String, Message As %String
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