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class %Installer.Invoke extends %Installer.Sequence

This is a "Invoke" activity within a Manifest document

Property Inventory


property CheckStatus as %Boolean;
Check for status on return
Property methods: CheckStatusDisplayToLogical(), CheckStatusGet(), CheckStatusIsValid(), CheckStatusLogicalToDisplay(), CheckStatusLogicalToXSD(), CheckStatusNormalize(), CheckStatusSet(), CheckStatusXSDToLogical()
property Class as %String (MAXLEN = 128) [ Required ];
Class name
Property methods: ClassDisplayToLogical(), ClassGet(), ClassIsValid(), ClassLogicalToDisplay(), ClassLogicalToOdbc(), ClassNormalize(), ClassSet()
property Method as %String (MAXLEN = 128) [ Required ];
Method name
Property methods: MethodDisplayToLogical(), MethodGet(), MethodIsValid(), MethodLogicalToDisplay(), MethodLogicalToOdbc(), MethodNormalize(), MethodSet()
property Return as %String;
Place to store return value
Property methods: ReturnDisplayToLogical(), ReturnGet(), ReturnIsValid(), ReturnLogicalToDisplay(), ReturnLogicalToOdbc(), ReturnNormalize(), ReturnSet()

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