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datatype class %Library.AutoIncrement extends %Library.BigInt


%Library.AutoIncrement is a datatype class that extends %Library.BigInt. It does not override any inherited behavior.

Any property whose type class is %Library.AutoIncrement will be assigned a value on insert if no value is specified, or a 0 or null value is specified. The AutoIncrement value is assigned by incrementing a counter that is defined in the storage definition of the class. The default AutoIncrement counter location is the same as the DATALOCATION default but with a "C" suffix instead of a "D". Individual AutoIncrement counters are located in the COUNTERLOCATION subscripted by the property name.

The value of a AutoIncrement property is assigned automatically only when a new object is inserted into the database, either using Objects or an SQL INSERT statement. No value is assigned if a value other than 0 or null is specified. A %Library.AutoIncrement property value is only unique if the value is auto-generated. If an explicit value is saved, inserted, or updated, it may conflict with other rows/objects. There is no guarantee the %Library.AutoIncrement value is consecutive or sequential.

A compiled class/table may have one %Library.AutoIncrement property. %Library.AutoIncrement is supported for sharded class/tables, and the auto-incremented value will be unique across the shard cluster as long as explicit values are not saved for the property.

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