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class %Net.SASL.XOAUTH2 extends %Net.SASL.Base

The implementation of the XOAUTH2 SASL security mechanism to be used with %Net.Authenticator, our implementation of the Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) as defined by RFC 2222.

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property AccessToken as %String;
The access token being authenticated
Property methods: AccessTokenDisplayToLogical(), AccessTokenGet(), AccessTokenIsValid(), AccessTokenLogicalToDisplay(), AccessTokenLogicalToOdbc(), AccessTokenNormalize(), AccessTokenSet()
property MechanismName as %String [ InitialExpression = "XOAUTH2" ];
The name of the security mechanism. This name must be one of SASL mechanism names that is registered with IANA.
Property methods: MechanismNameDisplayToLogical(), MechanismNameGet(), MechanismNameIsValid(), MechanismNameLogicalToDisplay(), MechanismNameLogicalToOdbc(), MechanismNameNormalize(), MechanismNameSet()


Return next response based on challenge using the XOAUTH2 SASL mechanism. Return value is false to indicate abort.
method Start(ByRef response As %String) as %Boolean
Start authentication based on UserName and AccessToken using the XOAUTH2 SASL mechanism.

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