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persistent class %SYS.Journal.VectorSetKillRecord extends %SYS.Journal.SetKillRecord

SQL Table Name: %SYS_Journal.VectorSetKillRecord

Journal Vector SET/Vector KILL record related API

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parameter READONLY = 1;
Inherited description: READONLY = 1 means that objects can be created, opened but not saved or deleted. Tables are projected to SQL as READONLY.


property ClusterSequence as %Integer [ Calculated ];
Cluster journal sequence number of the record on a clustered system or 0 otherwise
Property methods: ClusterSequenceDisplayToLogical(), ClusterSequenceIsValid(), ClusterSequenceLogicalToDisplay(), ClusterSequenceNormalize()
property Collation as %Integer [ Calculated ];
The collation of the subscripts in GlobalNode
Property methods: CollationDisplayToLogical(), CollationIsValid(), CollationLogicalToDisplay(), CollationNormalize()
property DatabaseName as %SysPath [ Calculated ];
Directory path of the database updated by the vector operation
Property methods: DatabaseNameDisplayToLogical(), DatabaseNameIsValid(), DatabaseNameLogicalToDisplay(), DatabaseNameLogicalToOdbc(), DatabaseNameNormalize()
property GlobalNode as %VarString [ Calculated ];
Global node holding the vector which is the target of the vector operation (GlobalReference minus the namespace)
Property methods: GlobalNodeDisplayToLogical(), GlobalNodeIsValid(), GlobalNodeLogicalToDisplay(), GlobalNodeLogicalToOdbc(), GlobalNodeNormalize()
property GlobalReference as %VarString [ Calculated ];
Extended global reference of the global holding the node which is the target of the vector operation
Property methods: GlobalReferenceDisplayToLogical(), GlobalReferenceIsValid(), GlobalReferenceLogicalToDisplay(), GlobalReferenceLogicalToOdbc(), GlobalReferenceNormalize()
property MirrorDatabaseName as %String [ Calculated ];
Mirror database name of the database updated by the vector operation if it is a mirrored database
Property methods: MirrorDatabaseNameDisplayToLogical(), MirrorDatabaseNameIsValid(), MirrorDatabaseNameLogicalToDisplay(), MirrorDatabaseNameLogicalToOdbc(), MirrorDatabaseNameNormalize()
property NewValue as %VarString [ Calculated ];
(For Vector SET record only) The value the vector element was set to
Property methods: NewValueDisplayToLogical(), NewValueIsValid(), NewValueLogicalToDisplay(), NewValueLogicalToOdbc(), NewValueNormalize()
property NumberOfValues as %Integer [ Calculated ];
Number of data values stored in the record. It can be 0, 1 or 2 depending on whether the record is a Vector SET or Vector KILL and whether it is in a transaction.
Property methods: NumberOfValuesDisplayToLogical(), NumberOfValuesIsValid(), NumberOfValuesLogicalToDisplay(), NumberOfValuesNormalize()
property OldValue as %VarString [ Calculated ];
(For InTransaction record only) The value of the vector element prior to the vector operation
Property methods: OldValueDisplayToLogical(), OldValueIsValid(), OldValueLogicalToDisplay(), OldValueLogicalToOdbc(), OldValueNormalize()
property VecIndex as %Integer [ Calculated ];
The index into the vector for set $vector(gref, index, type)=value or kill $vector(gref, index)
Property methods: VecIndexDisplayToLogical(), VecIndexIsValid(), VecIndexLogicalToDisplay(), VecIndexNormalize()
property VecType as %String [ Calculated ];
The string value representing the type of the vector which is the target of the vector operation
Property methods: VecTypeDisplayToLogical(), VecTypeIsValid(), VecTypeLogicalToDisplay(), VecTypeLogicalToOdbc(), VecTypeNormalize()


method ClusterSequenceGet() as %Integer
method CollationGet() as %Integer
method DatabaseNameGet() as %String
method ExistsNewValue() as %Boolean
TRUE if there is a NewValue (including "") in the record
method ExistsOldValue() as %Boolean
TRUE if there is an OldValue (including "") in the record
method GlobalNodeGet() as %String
method GlobalReferenceGet() as %String
method MirrorDatabaseNameGet() as %String
method NewValueGet() as %String
method NumberOfValuesGet() as %Integer
method OldValueGet() as %String
method Restore(Detail As %Integer) as %Status
Restore a Vector SET or a Vector KILL
method VecIndexGet() as %Integer
method VecTypeGet() as %String

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