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abstract class %Storage.SQL extends %Library.Storage

The %Storage.SQL class contains a set of storage interface methods that use embedded SQL statements, as well as an advanced set of data mapping definition, to provide a way to layer objects on top of pre-existing InterSystems IRIS data structures.

The storage interface methods, which are implemented as method generators, work in conjunction with the persistent interface methods of the %Persistent class to provide persistent behavior for objects.

The methods of %Storage.SQL are not meant to be called directly. Use the methods of the %Persistent class which, in turn, call the appropriate %Storage.Persistent method.

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parameter STORAGECOMPILERCLASS = %Compiler.Storage.SQL;


classmethod %Exists(oid As %ObjectIdentity = "") as %Boolean
%Exists() Check to see if an OID exists in the extent of this class...
classmethod %LockExtent(shared As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Acquire (s)hared or (e)xclusive locks based on locktype parameter
classmethod %LockId(id As %String, shared As %Boolean = 0, timeout As %Integer) as %Status
Acquire (s)hared or (e)xclusive locks based on locktype parameter
classmethod %PurgeIndices(idxlist As %List = "", lockExtent As %Boolean = 0, pIgnoreIndexList As %RawString = "") as %Status
Inherited description: Deletes all entries from each index specified in the idxlist argument. If idxlist is empty then all indices that originate in the class are purged. The index definition remains intact.

If pIgnoreIndexList is defined, it should be a $listbuild of index names that should not be purged. This argument allows you to purge all indices except those defined in pIgnoreIndexList. The default value of this argument is "", which means all indices, or all indices specified in pIndexList, will be purged.

Returns a %Status value indicating success or failure. This method is normally generated by the storage class for persistent classes using %Storage.Persistent or %Storage.SQL. Persistent classes using some other storage class, such as %Library.CustomStorage must override this method.

classmethod %UnlockExtent(shared As %Boolean = 0, immediate As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Release (s)hared or (e)xclusive locks based on locktype parameter
classmethod %UnlockId(id As %String, shared As %Boolean = 0, immediate As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Release locks held on an object (identified by the id parameter). If shared is true then the lock released is a shared lock. If immediate is true then release the lock immediately (lock not held until completion of the current transaction)

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