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serial class %WebStress.Playback.Session extends %Library.SerialObject, %XML.Adaptor

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property CSPSessionCookie as %String);
The cookie that will be used by this session. The session makes a call to the server before any playback starts to get the initial session data.
Property methods: CSPSessionCookieDisplayToLogical(), CSPSessionCookieGet(), CSPSessionCookieIsValid(), CSPSessionCookieLogicalToDisplay(), CSPSessionCookieLogicalToOdbc(), CSPSessionCookieNormalize(), CSPSessionCookieSet()
property CSPSessionToken as %String);
The token that will be used by this session (if cookies are not being sent by the server). This is the CSPCHD token The session makes a call to the server before any playback starts to get the initial session data.
Property methods: CSPSessionTokenDisplayToLogical(), CSPSessionTokenGet(), CSPSessionTokenIsValid(), CSPSessionTokenLogicalToDisplay(), CSPSessionTokenLogicalToOdbc(), CSPSessionTokenNormalize(), CSPSessionTokenSet()
property CSPSessionType as %String (DISPLAYLIST = ",Cookie,Token", VALUELIST = ",C,T");
The type of session ID that will be used (see above)
Property methods: CSPSessionTypeDisplayToLogical(), CSPSessionTypeGet(), CSPSessionTypeIsValid(), CSPSessionTypeLogicalToDisplay(), CSPSessionTypeLogicalToOdbc(), CSPSessionTypeNormalize(), CSPSessionTypeSet()
property HttpRequest as %Net.HttpRequest;
The HttpRequest object that this session will use to communicate with the web server
Property methods: HttpRequestGet(), HttpRequestGetSwizzled(), HttpRequestIsValid(), HttpRequestNewObject(), HttpRequestSet()
property Iterations as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
The number of iterations of a script that this session has made
Property methods: IterationsDisplayToLogical(), IterationsGet(), IterationsIsValid(), IterationsLogicalToDisplay(), IterationsNormalize(), IterationsSet(), IterationsXSDToLogical()
property Record as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
A boolean flag that shows whether or not this session is in 'record' mode
Property methods: RecordDisplayToLogical(), RecordGet(), RecordIsValid(), RecordLogicalToDisplay(), RecordNormalize(), RecordSet(), RecordXSDToLogical()
property WebServer as %String;
The web server to be used by this session
Property methods: WebServerDisplayToLogical(), WebServerGet(), WebServerIsValid(), WebServerLogicalToDisplay(), WebServerLogicalToOdbc(), WebServerNormalize(), WebServerSet()

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