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class %XDBC.Gateway.ODBC.PreparedStatement extends %XDBC.Gateway.ODBC.Statement

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method AddBatchEx(size As %Integer, statusArray As %Boolean)
Specify is Status array for column binding should be produced by Execute Batch This call should be followed by Prepare(...) that pass parameter array in $List format
method ExecuteBatchEx() as %List
Submits a batch of commands to the database for execution and if all commands execute successfully, returns an array of update counts
method SetAsciiString(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %String)
method SetBigDecimal(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %Decimal)
method SetBoolean(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %Boolean)
method SetByte(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %SmallInt)
method SetBytes(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %RawString)
method SetDate(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %Date)
method SetDouble(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %Float)
void setDouble(int parameterIndex, double x)
method SetFloat(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %Float)
method SetInt(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %Integer)
void setInt(int parameterIndex, int x)
method SetLong(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %Integer)
method SetShort(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %SmallInt)
method SetString(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %String)
void setString(int parameterIndex, String x)
method SetStringLen(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %String, len As %Integer)
void setString(int parameterIndex, String x, int len)
method SetTime(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %Time)
method SetTimestamp(paramIdx As %RawString, value As %TimeStamp)
method SetTimestamp(paramIdx as %RawString, value As %TimeStamp) {}

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