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deprecated abstract class %iKnow.DeepSee.Dimensions.Base extends %DeepSee.ComputedDimension.Base

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Inherited description: Controls whether results of %OnComputeBitset() can be reused Available values are "NEVER", "CHECK", with NEVER (default) meaning no values are cached and CHECK meaning the timestamp of previous %OnComputeBitset results is compared to the cube's latest update timestamp.


property %ikDomainId as %Integer [ InitialExpression = -1 ];
Property methods: %ikDomainIdDisplayToLogical(), %ikDomainIdGet(), %ikDomainIdIsValid(), %ikDomainIdLogicalToDisplay(), %ikDomainIdNormalize(), %ikDomainIdSet()
property %ikDomainType as %String (VALUELIST = "DeepSee,iKnow");
Property methods: %ikDomainTypeDisplayToLogical(), %ikDomainTypeGet(), %ikDomainTypeIsValid(), %ikDomainTypeLogicalToDisplay(), %ikDomainTypeLogicalToOdbc(), %ikDomainTypeNormalize(), %ikDomainTypeSet()
property %ikMeasure as %String;
Property methods: %ikMeasureDisplayToLogical(), %ikMeasureGet(), %ikMeasureIsValid(), %ikMeasureLogicalToDisplay(), %ikMeasureLogicalToOdbc(), %ikMeasureNormalize(), %ikMeasureSet()


method %ComputeIndexKey(pMemberKey As %String) as %String
If this represents multiple keys, use a hash, otherwise use the simple ID
classmethod %Create(pCube As %String, pFactNo As %Integer, pDimNo As %Integer, pHierNo As %Integer, pLevelNo As %Integer) as %DeepSee.ComputedDimension.Base
Inherited description: Create a instance of this dimension class.
classmethod %GetDimType() as %String
Return the type of this class (used by UI components).
method %MemberSearch(pSearchKey As %String, Output pList As %List) as %Status
Execute a search for members.
Return a list of the form:
pList(n) = $LB(value,key)
NOTE: forwards to %OnGetComputedMembersInternal()
method %OnGetComputedMembers(ByRef pMemberList) as %Status
Workaround until PL96734 is sorted
NOTE: forwards to %OnGetComputedMembersInternal()
method %OnGetComputedMembersFiltered(ByRef pMemberList, pRollupKey As %String = "", ByRef pRange As %String = "") as %Status
Find the set of members for this computed dimension object.
pMemberList(n) = $LB(id,name,key)
The top node of pMemberList will contain the next value of n to use.
NOTE: forwards to %OnGetComputedMembersInternal()

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