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deprecated class %iKnow.Matching.Formats.iFind extends %iKnow.Matching.Formats.Format

This %iKnow.Matching.Formats.Format implementation enables users to use the iFind search syntax as a pattern to locate matching entities in an iKnow domain. Please bear in mind that iFind is meant for search scenario's (when looking up records matching the search string), whereas iKnow matching is meant for annotation scenario's (to identify all matches of a search string in a full domain).

Note: matches are only detected within entities and are case-insensitive.

Format parameters:

  1. iFind expression (%String, mandatory):

Method Inventory


method MatchSingle(string As %String, formatParams As %List, Output matchScore As %Numeric, Output matchedWordBits, Output isScattered As %Boolean, Output formatOutput) as %Status
Inherited description:

Implementations of this method check whether an individual string complies with the format this class represents, returning a matchScore (0..1) and optional matchedWordBits, isScattered and formatOutput through output parameters.

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