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datatype class SYS.DataCheck.RangeState extends %Library.Integer


Defines the possible states for global ranges recorded in the RangeList objects. The logical value is one of the following constants, defined for convenience in
  • 0 - $$$RangeStateUnknown - system has not checked this range yet
  • 1 - $$$RangeStateMatched - system has found this range to be matched
  • 2 - $$$RangeStateExcluded - this range is excluded from the check
  • 3 - $$$RangeStateIncluded - used only by the global selection set of RangeLists, this range is to be included in the check
  • -1 - $$$RangeStateUnmatched - system has found a discrepancy in this range
  • -2 - $$$RangeStateColDis - system has found a collation discrepancy
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    classmethod DisplayToLogical(%val As %String) as %Integer
    Inherited description: Converts the input value %val, which is a string representing an integer, into a logical integer value.

    Returns the logical integer value of the input string %val.

    classmethod LogicalToDisplay(%val As %Integer) as %String
    Inherited description: Converts the value of %val, which is in logical integer format, into a display string. The formatting is based on the value of the FORMAT parameter.

    Returns the formatted value of %val.

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