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persistent class SYS.History.Daily extends %Library.Persistent, %XML.Adaptor

SQL Table Name: SYS_History.Daily

This class is a Daily summary of the detail PerfData and SysData collections. For each class sample collected you may chose to have the Average, Maximum, Minimum, Median, Standard Deviation, and Total maintained for the day. By default Average, Maximum, and Standard Deviation are kept. Use the SetSummary method in each individual class (Performance, SystemUsage, etc.) to modify this. Performance counters (SYS.History.Performance) are normalized to a per-second rate for all the calculations.

This data can be manually purged using the Purge() method.

For details, see History Monitor.

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property DB as array of SYS.History.Database;
Database metrics
Property methods: DBBuildValueArray(), DBCollectionToDisplay(), DBCollectionToOdbc(), DBDisplayToCollection(), DBGet(), DBGetObject(), DBGetObjectId(), DBGetStored(), DBGetSwizzled(), DBIsValid(), DBOdbcToCollection(), DBSet(), DBSetObject(), DBSetObjectId()
property DateTime as %TimeStamp;
Time of summary
Property methods: DateTimeDisplayToLogical(), DateTimeGet(), DateTimeGetStored(), DateTimeIsValid(), DateTimeLogicalToDisplay(), DateTimeLogicalToXSD(), DateTimeNormalize(), DateTimeOdbcToLogical(), DateTimeSet(), DateTimeXSDToLogical()
property Perf as array of SYS.History.Performance;
Performance metrics
Property methods: PerfBuildValueArray(), PerfCollectionToDisplay(), PerfCollectionToOdbc(), PerfDisplayToCollection(), PerfGet(), PerfGetObject(), PerfGetObjectId(), PerfGetStored(), PerfGetSwizzled(), PerfIsValid(), PerfOdbcToCollection(), PerfSet(), PerfSetObject(), PerfSetObjectId()
property PerfCount as %Integer;
Number of Performance samples in this Daily period
Property methods: PerfCountDisplayToLogical(), PerfCountGet(), PerfCountGetStored(), PerfCountIsValid(), PerfCountLogicalToDisplay(), PerfCountNormalize(), PerfCountSet(), PerfCountXSDToLogical()
property Sys as array of SYS.History.SystemUsage;
System Usage metrics
Property methods: SysBuildValueArray(), SysCollectionToDisplay(), SysCollectionToOdbc(), SysDisplayToCollection(), SysGet(), SysGetObject(), SysGetObjectId(), SysGetStored(), SysGetSwizzled(), SysIsValid(), SysOdbcToCollection(), SysSet(), SysSetObject(), SysSetObjectId()
property SysCount as %Integer;
Number of SystemUsage samples in this Daily period
Property methods: SysCountDisplayToLogical(), SysCountGet(), SysCountGetStored(), SysCountIsValid(), SysCountLogicalToDisplay(), SysCountNormalize(), SysCountSet(), SysCountXSDToLogical()
property WD as array of SYS.History.WriteDaemon;
WriteDaemon metrics
Property methods: WDBuildValueArray(), WDCollectionToDisplay(), WDCollectionToOdbc(), WDDisplayToCollection(), WDGet(), WDGetObject(), WDGetObjectId(), WDGetStored(), WDGetSwizzled(), WDIsValid(), WDOdbcToCollection(), WDSet(), WDSetObject(), WDSetObjectId()
property WDCount as %Integer;
Number of WriteDaemon cycles in this Daily period
Property methods: WDCountDisplayToLogical(), WDCountGet(), WDCountGetStored(), WDCountIsValid(), WDCountLogicalToDisplay(), WDCountNormalize(), WDCountSet(), WDCountXSDToLogical()
property ZDATE as %Integer [ Required ];
UTC date key
Property methods: ZDATEDisplayToLogical(), ZDATEGet(), ZDATEGetStored(), ZDATEIsValid(), ZDATELogicalToDisplay(), ZDATENormalize(), ZDATESet(), ZDATEXSDToLogical()
property ZTIME as %Integer [ Required ];
UTC time key
Property methods: ZTIMEDisplayToLogical(), ZTIMEGet(), ZTIMEGetStored(), ZTIMEIsValid(), ZTIMELogicalToDisplay(), ZTIMENormalize(), ZTIMESet(), ZTIMEXSDToLogical()


classmethod Export(FileName As %String, Start As %TimeStamp, End As %TimeStamp, Class As %String, Function As %String, Database As %String) as %Status
Export Daily data for a time range in CSV format. The default is all of the Perf, Sys and WD data currently in the Daily class.

The default FileName is HistoryDay_config_date_time.csv in the MGR directory.
'Start' and 'End' times (if necessary) are in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format.
'Class' can be a comma-delimited list one or more of these classes of metrics: "Perf", "Sys", "WD". Or it can be "DB" to select the Database properties. The Database class can not be mixed with the other classes since it uses a different key structure to accommodate multiple databaes.
'Function' can be a comma-delimited list one or more of these summary functions: "Avg", "Max", "Min", StDev", Med" or "Tot". The default is to include all summary functions.
'Database' can be used to select a specific database (by name). Only used if "DB" is selected in 'Class'
classmethod Purge(Date As %String) as %Integer
Purge Summary data. Purge all days prior to the 'Date' parameter (in YYYY-MM-DD format). Returns the number of days purged.


query DBDateList(Start As %TimeStamp = {$zdt($h-1, 3)}, End As %TimeStamp = {$zdt($h, 3)})
SQL Query:
SELECT DateTime,Daily_DB.* FROM Daily,Daily_DB WHERE ((Daily.ID = Daily_DB.Daily) AND (DateTime >= :Start) AND (DateTime <= :End))
Full listing of Daily Database metrics for a day or range of date/times. Default is yesterday.
query PerfDateList(Start As %TimeStamp = {$zdt($h-1, 3)}, End As %TimeStamp = {$zdt($h, 3)})
SQL Query:
SELECT DateTime,Daily_Perf.* FROM Daily,Daily_Perf WHERE ((Daily.ID = Daily_Perf.Daily) AND (DateTime >= :Start) AND (DateTime <= :End))
Full listing of Daily Performance metrics for a day or range of date/times. Default is yesterday.
query SysDateList(Start As %TimeStamp = {$zdt($h-1, 3)}, End As %TimeStamp = {$zdt($h, 3)})
SQL Query:
SELECT DateTime,Daily_Sys.* FROM Daily,Daily_Sys WHERE ((Daily.ID = Daily_Sys.Daily) AND (DateTime >= :Start) AND (DateTime <= :End))
Full listing of Daily SystemUsage metrics for a day or range of date/times. Default is yesterday.
query WDDateList(Start As %TimeStamp = {$zdt($h-1, 3)}, End As %TimeStamp = {$zdt($h, 3)})
SQL Query:
SELECT DateTime,Daily_WD.* FROM Daily,Daily_WD WHERE ((Daily.ID = Daily_WD.Daily) AND (DateTime >= :Start) AND (DateTime <= :End))
Full listing of Daily WriteDaemon metrics for a day or range of date/times. Default is yesterday.


index (ZDTindex on ZDATE,ZTIME) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: ZDTindexCheck(), ZDTindexDelete(), ZDTindexExists(), ZDTindexOpen(), ZDTindexSQLCheckUnique(), ZDTindexSQLExists(), ZDTindexSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), ZDTindexSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()

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Storage Model: Storage (SYS.History.Daily)


Storage Model: Storage (SYS.History.Daily)


Storage Model: Storage (SYS.History.Daily)


Storage Model: Storage (SYS.History.Daily)


Storage Model: Storage (SYS.History.Daily)

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