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abstract class EnsLib.EDI.EDIFACT.Operation.Standard extends Ens.BusinessOperation

Property Inventory

Method Inventory


parameter IndexReplies = 0;
If SearchTableClass is set, use it to index any replies (including ACKs unless IndexACKs=false)
parameter SETTINGS = Separators,SearchTableClass::selector?context={Ens.ContextSearch/SearchTableClasses?host=EnsLib.EDI.EDIFACT.Operation.Standard},Validation;
Inherited description: List of properties can be set as settings in the configuration file format is a comma separated list of property names


property FailureTimeout as %Numeric (MINVAL = -1) [ InitialExpression = -1 ];
How long to keep retrying before giving up and returning an error code
Property methods: FailureTimeoutDisplayToLogical(), FailureTimeoutGet(), FailureTimeoutIsValid(), FailureTimeoutLogicalToDisplay(), FailureTimeoutNormalize(), FailureTimeoutSet()
property SearchTableClass as %String (MAXLEN = 100);
Store a set of searchable properties in SearchTable records associated with each document processed.

These records will be of the named SearchTable class, if any.

Property methods: SearchTableClassDisplayToLogical(), SearchTableClassGet(), SearchTableClassIsValid(), SearchTableClassLogicalToDisplay(), SearchTableClassLogicalToOdbc(), SearchTableClassNormalize(), SearchTableClassSet()
property Separators as %String (MAXLEN = 11) [ InitialExpression = $$$EDIFACTDefSeparators_$$$EDIFACTDefSegTerminator_"\r\n" ];
String of separator characters to use in encoding outbound documents. Order is ComponentSeparator,DataElementSeparator,EscapeSeparator,RepeatSeparator.

Empty string means use the default values of the outbound document.

Additional characters will be used to override the Segment Terminator; may be up to 3 chars for output with newlines.

'\x' may be used in positions 3 and/or 4 to pad the Separators so that a segment terminator may be specified without specifying an EscapeSeparator and/or RepeatSeparator.

After position 4, '\r' means Ascii 13 (Carriage Return), and '\n' means Ascii 10 (Linefeed / Newline).

Property methods: SeparatorsDisplayToLogical(), SeparatorsGet(), SeparatorsIsValid(), SeparatorsLogicalToDisplay(), SeparatorsLogicalToOdbc(), SeparatorsNormalize(), SeparatorsSet()
property Validation as %String;
Comma-separated string specifying types of Validation to perform; see the class EnsLib.EDI.EDIFACT.Validator for details.

Any non-zero string will invoke basic validation.

Property methods: ValidationDisplayToLogical(), ValidationGet(), ValidationIsValid(), ValidationLogicalToDisplay(), ValidationLogicalToOdbc(), ValidationNormalize(), ValidationSet()


method OnInit() as %Status
Inherited description: This user callback method is called via initConfig() from %OnNew() or in the case of SOAP Services from OnPreSOAP()
method OnValidate(pDoc As EnsLib.EDI.Document, pValSpec As %String, Output pStatus As %Status) as %Boolean
Override this method to implement your own custom method for validating of an incoming Document
method validateAndIndex(pDoc As EnsLib.EDI.Document) as %Status

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