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class EnsLib.SOAP.CST.OutboundAdapter extends EnsLib.TCP.OutboundAdapter, EnsLib.SOAP.CST.Common

An adapter for sending requests to a simple one-object-in, one-object-out service using the CST-over-HTTP protocol that is supported by the EnsLib.SOAP.InboundAdapter.

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parameter SETTINGS = Location,ProxyServer,ProxyPort,ProxyHTTPS;
These are the production settings for this object


property Credentials as %String;
This is the ID name of the set of credentials values (Username, Password) to be used to access the external SOAP/CST server
Property methods: CredentialsDisplayToLogical(), CredentialsGet(), CredentialsIsValid(), CredentialsLogicalToDisplay(), CredentialsLogicalToOdbc(), CredentialsNormalize()
property Location as %String (MAXLEN = 1000);
Location URL path to request from the server (optionally including 'http://' and server ip:port address; values here override IPAddress and Port settings); default is LOCATION parameter of BusinessOperation if any
Property methods: LocationDisplayToLogical(), LocationGet(), LocationIsValid(), LocationLogicalToDisplay(), LocationLogicalToOdbc(), LocationNormalize()
property ProxyHTTPS as %Boolean;
Should the proxy (if any) use HTTPS to communicate with the real HTTP/HTTPS server?
Property methods: ProxyHTTPSDisplayToLogical(), ProxyHTTPSGet(), ProxyHTTPSIsValid(), ProxyHTTPSLogicalToDisplay(), ProxyHTTPSNormalize()
property ProxyPort as %Integer (MAXVAL = 65535, MINVAL = 0) [ InitialExpression = 80 ];
Proxy server port on which to send HTTP requests, if using a proxy server
Property methods: ProxyPortDisplayToLogical(), ProxyPortGet(), ProxyPortIsValid(), ProxyPortLogicalToDisplay(), ProxyPortNormalize()
property ProxyServer as %String (MAXLEN = 1000);
Proxy server through which to send HTTP requests, if any
Property methods: ProxyServerDisplayToLogical(), ProxyServerGet(), ProxyServerIsValid(), ProxyServerLogicalToDisplay(), ProxyServerLogicalToOdbc(), ProxyServerNormalize()
property ResponseTimeout as %Numeric (MINVAL = 0) [ InitialExpression = 30 ];
Timeout for getting a response from the server (the timeout for opening the connection to the server is always 5 seconds). Setting the timeout to -1 means wait forever.
Property methods: ResponseTimeoutDisplayToLogical(), ResponseTimeoutGet(), ResponseTimeoutIsValid(), ResponseTimeoutLogicalToDisplay(), ResponseTimeoutNormalize(), ResponseTimeoutSet()
property Terminators as %String [ InitialExpression = $C(10) ];
Inherited description: Read-terminator character or characters, if any, for subclasses that do terminated reads.
Property methods: TerminatorsDisplayToLogical(), TerminatorsGet(), TerminatorsIsValid(), TerminatorsLogicalToDisplay(), TerminatorsLogicalToOdbc(), TerminatorsNormalize(), TerminatorsSet()


method IPAddressSet(pInVal As %String) as %Status
method Invoke(pMethodname As %String, pRequestType As %String, pResponseType As %String, pRequest As %RegisteredObject, Output pResponse As %RegisteredObject) as %Status
method LocationSet(pInVal As %String) as %Status
method PortSet(pInVal As %String) as %Status
method ProxyHTTPSSet(pInVal As %Boolean) as %Status
method ProxyPortSet(pInVal As %String) as %Status
method ProxyServerSet(pInVal As %String) as %Status
method initIPPort(pInVal As %String) as %Status
Set up IPAddress and Port overrides for Location and Proxy settings

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