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class EnsLib.SQL.Service.ProcService extends EnsLib.SQL.Service.GenericService

This Service polls a specified SQL Procedure and processes any output parameters so that they can be set as the values of the properties for some message class or inserted into a json string to be sent to the Target Configuration Items.
The Service is meant only for use with Function type Procedures. For Query type Procedures, use EnsLib.SQL.Service.GenericService.

Property Inventory


parameter ADAPTER = EnsLib.SQL.InboundProcAdapter;
Inherited description: The type of adapter used to communicate with external systems


property Adapter as EnsLib.SQL.InboundProcAdapter;
Inherited description: The adapter instance
Property methods: AdapterGet(), AdapterGetSwizzled(), AdapterIsValid(), AdapterNewObject(), AdapterSet()
property MessageClass as %String (MAXLEN = 1000);
Message class to use in generating the request message. If this is set and the query has any output parameters, then a request message of this class will be created and the values from the output parameters and from the query results will be set into the corresponding properties of the request object. The OutputParamNames setting must be used in order to pair the output parameters with properties of the message class. If no MessageClass is specified, then the request message will take the form of an Ens.StreamContainer message containing a json string with any output parameter values as well as the query results (eg. {"ID":"1","Name":"John Smith"})
Property methods: MessageClassDisplayToLogical(), MessageClassGet(), MessageClassIsValid(), MessageClassLogicalToDisplay(), MessageClassLogicalToOdbc(), MessageClassNormalize(), MessageClassSet()

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