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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble. See the InterSystems IRIS version of this content.

For information on migrating to InterSystems IRIS, see How to Migrate to InterSystems IRIS, available on the WRC Distributions page (login required).

PMML (Predictive Modelling Markup Language)

Execute PMML models.

Background Information

PMML (Predictive Modelling Markup Language) is an XML-based standard that expresses analytics models. It provides a way for applications to define statistical and data mining models so that they can be easily reused and shared.

In a typical scenario, data scientists use an analytical tool to produce a data mining model based on large amounts of historical data, which is then exported to PMML. The model can then be deployed in a runtime environment and executed on incoming observations, predicting values for the model’s target metrics.

Available Tools

%DeepSee.PMML classes

Enable you to execute existing PMML models. You can place an existing PMML definition into a subclass of %DeepSee.PMML.Definition. Caché generates code to support the models contained in the definition and provides an API to execute the models.

See Using PMML Models in Caché.

Availability: All DeepSee-enabled namespaces.