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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble.

For information on converting to InterSystems IRISOpens in a new window, see the InterSystems IRIS Adoption Guide and the InterSystems IRIS In-Place Conversion Guide, both available on the WRC Distributions pageOpens in a new window (login required).


Returns a whole number between 0 and 59, inclusive, representing the minute of the hour.




The time argument is any expression that can represent a time. This includes a time value such as “12:30” or “1:27:55”, a time/date value such as “11/12/1999 12:33:00”, or a date value such as “11/12/1999”. If only a date is specified, the time defaults to 00:00:00. Fractional seconds are permitted, but ignored; they are truncated, not rounded.


The following example uses the Minute function to obtain the minute from the current time:

Dim MyTime, MyMin
MyTime = Now
MyMin = Minute(MyTime)
Println MyMin
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The following example returns a minute value of 59:

Dim MyMin
MyMin = Minute("13:59:59.999")
Println MyMin
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