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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble.

For information on converting to InterSystems IRISOpens in a new window, see the InterSystems IRIS Adoption Guide and the InterSystems IRIS In-Place Conversion Guide, both available on the WRC Distributions pageOpens in a new window (login required).


Returns the current date and time according to the setting of your computer's system date and time.






The Now function returns the current date and time in a format such as the following:

mm/dd/yyyy 00:00:00PM

The exact display format depends on your system configuration. Leading zeros are displayed. The year is displayed as four digits.

To return just the current date, use the Date function. To return just the current time, use the Time function.


The following example uses the Now function to return the current date and time:

Dim MyVar
MyVar = Now
Println MyVar
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