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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble.

For information on converting to InterSystems IRISOpens in a new window, see the InterSystems IRIS Migration Guide and Migrating to InterSystems IRIS, both available on the WRC Distributions pageOpens in a new window (login required).

ObjectScript Commands

To test a Basic subroutine using the Terminal, use this syntax: do sub^routine(args).

To test a Basic function using the Terminal, use this syntax: write $$func^routine(args).

ObjectScript commands Do and Write ! are similar to Basic commands Call and Println. You already saw the Do command used to run the BASRightTriangle routine. The example below shows the Write command calling the IsNegative() function within the BASRightTriangle routine.

 write !, $$IsNegative^BASRightTriangle(4)
 write !, $$IsNegative^BASRightTriangle(-4)
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