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Controlling Index Updating

Controlling Index Updating

By default, indexes are not updated when a call is made to one of the Event methods that act on an event in the database (see “Accessing Stored Events”). Indexes are updated asynchronously, and updating is only performed after all transactions have been completed and the Event instance is closed. No uniqueness check is performed for unique indexes.


This section only applies to classes that use standard object IDs or generated IdKeys (see “Using IdKeys”). Classes with user-assigned IdKeys can only be updated synchronously.

There are a number of ways to change this default indexing behavior. When an Event instance is created by EventPersister.getEvent() (see “Creating and Storing Events”), the optional indexMode parameter can be set to specify a default indexing behavior. The following options are available:

  • Event.INDEX_MODE_ASYNC_ON — enables asynchronous indexing. This is the default when the indexMode parameter is not specified.

  • Event.INDEX_MODE_ASYNC_OFF — no indexing will be performed unless the startIndexing() method is called.

  • Event.INDEX_MODE_SYNC — indexing will be performed each time the extent is changed, which can be inefficient for large numbers of transactions. This index mode must be specified if the class has a user-assigned IdKey.

The following Event methods can be used to control asynchronous index updating for the extent of the target class:

  • startIndexing() — starts asynchronous index building for the extent of the target class. Throws an exception if the index mode is Event.INDEX_MODE_SYNC.

  • stopIndexing() — stops asynchronous index building for the extent. If you do not want the index to be updated when the Event instance is closed, call this method before calling Event.close().

  • waitForIndexing() — takes an int timeout value as an argument and waits for asynchronous indexing to be completed. The timeout value specifies the number of seconds to wait (wait forever if -1, return immediately if 0). It returns true if indexing has been completed, or false if the wait timed out before indexing was completed. Throws an exception if the index mode is Event.INDEX_MODE_SYNC.

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