Ensemble Release Notes
Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2017.2 (This Release)
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Before upgrading Ensemble, first review the product changes in this release that could affect the operation of your existing system. The following sections list the compatibility issues for this and previous releases of Ensemble. In addition to the issues in this release, be sure to also review the issues for each intervening release since you last installed Ensemble:

The following changes in this release may affect the operation of your existing system. Review these following issues before upgrading a previous instance of Ensemble.
Do not use JMS Gateway as Message Listener
In this release the JMSGateway class has been deleted from the Java Gateway. This class was intended as an example on how to use the JMS listener in Ensemble. If you have used this class to implement a JMS listener, you should replace this with the mechanism demonstrated in the EnsLib.JavaGateway.JMSTest class.
Custom RecordMap Batch Classes may need to be Modified to get Fix
This release fixes a problem where Ensemble would not remove temporary files under certain failure conditions. If you have a custom subclass of EnsLib.RecordMap.Batcher or EnsLib.RecordMap.Operation.BatchStandard and have implemented the OnFailureTimeout() method, you can add a call to ##super() in that method to get this fix.
BPL xslt Activity Provides More Information in Error Messages
The BPL activity can now handle XSLT 2.0 transformations. If using XSLT 1.0 there may be more information in any error messages.
Business Service Time to Wait Changes
Ensemble Business Services calculation of time to wait for next call interval now discounts any fractional part that is 1/10th second or less. This has been done since a positive wait for next call interval time is rounded up to the next second. For example 0.000001 will not lead to a wait of 1 second.
Ensemble Include File Includes Definitions from %sySystem
The include file Ensemble.inc now includes %sySystem. If you define any macros custom code, you should check for macro name collisions.
Changes may be Required in PassthroughService Subclass
If you have a custom subclass of EnsLib.File.PassthroughService with an override of CONTAINERCLASS or with an override of the adapter you may need to override the new removeStreamFromInput() method within the subclass.