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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble.

For information on converting to InterSystems IRIS, see the InterSystems IRIS Adoption Guide and the InterSystems IRIS In-Place Conversion Guide, both available on the WRC Distributions page (login required).

Settings for the IBM WebSphere MQ Adapters

Provides reference information for settings of the IBM WebSphere MQ adapters, EnsLib.MQSeries.InboundAdapter and EnsLib.MQSeries.OutboundAdapter.


For both the inbound and outbound adapters to IBM WebSphere MQ, you specify settings that describe the connection to a given queue. The details are nearly identical for both adapters.

Also see “Prerequisites” in the first chapter of this book.

Specifying the Queue Manager, Channel, and Queue

Specify values for the following settings in order to specify the message queue of interest, the queue manager to use, and the channel to use:


(Required) Specifies the queue name; this should be a valid queue for the specified queue manager. Also, you must have permission to use this queue.


Specifies the queue manager; this should be a valid queue manager on the IBM WebSphere MQ server and you must have permission to use it.

If you omit this setting, the system uses the default queue manager, as configured in IBM WebSphere MQ. Or, if IBM WebSphere MQ has been the configured so that the queue manager is determined by the queue name, the system uses the queue manager that is appropriate for the given queue name.


The specification for the channel, in the following form:

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Here channel_name is the name of the channel to use, transport is the transport used by the channel, host_name is the server name (or IP address) that is running the IBM WebSphere MQ server, and port is the port that this channel should use.

Transport can be one of the following: TCP, LU62, NETBIOS, SPX

For example:

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If you omit this setting, the system uses the default channel specification, as configured in IBM WebSphere MQ. Or, if the system has been the configured so that the channel is determined by the queue name, the system uses the channel that is appropriate for the given queue name.

Specifying the Log File to Use

Use the following setting to specify the log file to write to.


Specifies the log file to write error messages to. If you omit this setting, no logging occurs.

Specifying the Character Set of the Messages

You can specify the character set to use for message conversion.


Specifies an integer Coded Character Set ID (CCSID) as used in IBM WebSphere MQ.

  • For the inbound adapter, this is the character set to convert the messages to. If you do not specify a character set, the MQ system assumes the messages use the default character set specified for the MQ client.

  • For the outbound adapter, this setting specifies the character set that the messages are already in; no conversion is done.

For background information on character translation in Caché, see “Localization Support” in the Caché Programming Orientation Guide.

Specifying How Often to Check for Messages

This applies only to the inbound adapter. To specify how often to check for messages, use the following setting:


Number of seconds that the adapter will wait before checking again for new messages, before checking for a shutdown signal from the Ensemble framework.

If the adapter finds input, it acquires the data and passes it to the business service. The business service processes the data, and then the adapter immediately begins waiting for new input. This cycle continues whenever the production is running and the business service is enabled and scheduled to be active.

The default CallInterval is 5 seconds. The minimum is 0.1 seconds.

For any settings not listed here, see Configuring Ensemble Productions.


The examples in this book used an IBM WebSphere MQ server running on a machine named antigua, using the port 1414. The user ID under which the examples were run was authorized to use the queue manager QM_antigua and a queue named cachetest. Ensemble used a TCP channel named S_antigua to communicate with the server. The following table lists the settings:

Setting Value
Queue Manager QM_antigua
Channel S_antigua/TCP/antigua(1414)
Queue Name cachetest
Error File c:\mq-log.txt