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Python Client Requirements

Python Client Requirements

Caché provides client-side Python support through the intersys.pythonbind module, which implements the connection and caching mechanisms required to communicate with a Caché server.

This module requires the following environment:

  • Python version 2.7 or Python 3.0+. For Windows, InterSystems supports only the ActiveState distribution, ActivePython© (www.activestate.comOpens in a new tab).

  • A C++ compiler to generate the Python C extension. On Windows, you need Visual Studio .NET 2008 or higher (required by the ActiveState distribution). On UNIX®, you need GCC.

    The bitness of both your Python distribution and your compiler must match the bitness of Caché: 64-bit systems require the 64-bit versions of Python and compiler, and 32-bit systems require the 32-bit versions of Python and compiler.

  • On RedHat Linux, the python-devel package must be installed in order to compile the python sample.

  • Your PATH must include the <cachesys>\bin directory. (For the location of <cachesys> on your system, see Default Caché Installation Directory in the Caché Installation Guide).

  • Set up your environment variables to support C compilation and linking, as described in the following sections.

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