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Where to Find Information on New Features in Atelier, the Eclipse-Based IDE

Where to Find Information on New Features in Atelier, the Eclipse-Based IDE

Atelier, the Eclipse-Based IDE for Caché, is available on an independent release cycle from Caché. Consequently, new features are described in the Atelier documentation provided with each new Atelier release. The Atelier IDE brings together the powerful and popular Eclipse development environment and the InterSystems Caché database. Atelier allows you to develop Caché applications using a modern file-based IDE on a client system. Atelier handles uploading the application to the Caché server where it can be run and debugged.

The focus of future development will be on the new Eclipse based IDE. Studio will remain an option to install and developers can continue to develop code with it. However, it will be treated as a maintenance product and will not see new functionality added as we move forward with Atelier. Some minor bugs may not be addressed either depending on resources required versus the severity of the issue.

Atelier is available as a separate download in addition to Caché or Ensemble. You can choose to install either a stand-alone Rich Client Platform (RCP) application, or a plug-in that can be added to an existing Eclipse installation. Users of the RCP application can add additional Eclipse plug-ins. Atelier uses the Eclipse auto-update mechanism to help users get the latest changes. For information on downloading Atelier and for the Atelier documentation, see in a new tab, the Atelier home page.

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