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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble.

For information on converting to InterSystems IRIS, see the InterSystems IRIS Adoption Guide and the InterSystems IRIS In-Place Conversion Guide, both available on the WRC Distributions page (login required).

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DLLs and Executables (Non-InterSystems)

Invoke dynamic link libraries and executables provided by other vendors.

Background Information

Dynamic link libraries (DLLs) and executables (EXEs) are files that contain instructions. In general, you use DLLs and EXEs to perform specialized tasks such as accessing specific systems, rendering graphics, or performing conversions or computations.

Available Tools

Caché Callout Gateway

Enables you to invoke executables, operating system commands, and user-written dynamic link libraries from within Caché. With the Callout interface, you can:

  • Issue operating system commands on several platforms.

  • Call programs written in other languages.

  • Invoke functions from your own custom Callout library, written in C, C++, or any language that supports the C/C++ calling convention on your platform. A Callout library is a shared library (a DLL file on Windows, an SO file on UNIX® and related operating systems) that includes hooks to the Caché Callout Gateway.

See Using the Caché Callout Gateway.

Availability: All namespaces.