Caché Parameter File Reference
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(OpenVMS) IP Address for inter-cluster communication
[Cluster]    CommIPAddress=a
Address (as IP address or hostname) to advertise in the PIJ to other cluster members to use for inter-cluster communication.
The address can be specified either as a dotted IP address or as a hostname. Use of a hostname is recommended only when a computer has a single IP address assigned. The hostname is converted to IP format during startup. However, a computer may have multiple IP addresses, such as when the computer has more than one network interface card. If a hostname is provided, and the machine has multiple IP addresses, the first IP associated with the hostname as defined by the C gethostbyname() function is used.
This setting applies only on platforms that support clusters, such as OpenVMS.
Range of Values
Valid IP address or hostname.
Management Portal
On the page System Administration > Configuration > Database Backup > Cluster Settings, in the CommIPAddress row, enter an IP Address.