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SQLCODE 0 and 100

SQLCODE 0 and 100

There are two SQLCODE values that do not represent an SQL error:

SQL Error Codes 0 and 100
Error Code Description
0 Successful Completion
100 No (more) data
  • SQLCODE=0 indicates successful completion of an SQL operation. For a SELECT statement, this usually means the successful retrieval of data from a table. However, if the SELECT performs an aggregate operation, (for example: SELECT SUM(myfield)) the aggregate operation is successful and an SQLCODE=0 is issued even when there is no data in myfield; in this case SUM returns NULL and %ROWCOUNT=1.

  • SQLCODE=100 indicates that the SQL operation was successful, but found no data to act upon. This can occur for a number of reasons. For a SELECT these include: the specified table contains no data; the table contains no data that satisfies the query criteria; or row retrieval has reached the final row of the table. For an UPDATE or DELETE these include: the specified table contains no data; or the table contains no row of data that satisfies the WHERE clause criteria. In these cases %ROWCOUNT=0.

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