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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble. See the InterSystems IRIS version of this content.

For information on migrating to InterSystems IRIS, see Why Migrate to InterSystems IRIS?


Specifies the default data storage definition.




The value of this element is the name of a data storage node within the current storage definition.


Specifies the name of the DATA definition that the class compiler data structure generator uses to place any previously unstored properties. A property is “unstored” if it is storable but is not listed in any DATA definition.

If you add a new, non-transient, property to a persistent class definition, and do not explicitly define a storage location for it, then the class compiler will automatically find a storage location for the property within the storage node specified by the <DefaultData> element.

Default Value

The default value for the <DefaultData> element is an empty string.