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This is documentation for Caché & Ensemble. See the InterSystems IRIS version of this content.

For information on migrating to InterSystems IRIS, see Why Migrate to InterSystems IRIS?

Exercise 1: Modify Data Entry Routine

  1. Write the validName function.

    public function validName(name As %String) As %String
    ' validate a name - just checks for 2 pieces using ","
    ' returns 0 for an invalid name and writes error message
    ' else returns formatted name
    if len(name, ",") = 2 then
        return formatName(name)
        print "Enter Last,First" : println
        return 0
    end if
    end function
  2. Write the formatName() function.

    public function formatName(name As %String) As %String
    ' change user's entry into proper name format
    ' SMITH,JOHN and smith,john -> Smith,John
        dim ln, fn
        ln = piece(name, ",", 1) : fn = piece(name, ",", 2)
        ln = ucase(left(ln, 1)) & lcase(mid(ln, 2, len(ln)))
        fn = ucase(left(fn, 1)) & lcase(mid(fn, 2, len(fn)))
        return ln & "," & fn
    end function
  3. Write the validPhone function. After verifying the phone number, add the default area code if necessary.

    public function validPhone(phone As %String) As %String
    ' validate a phone - just checks for 3 pieces using "-" and length
    ' returns 0 for an invalid phone and writes error message
    ' else returns unchanged phone with default area code added
        if (len(phone) = 8 and len(phone, "-") = 2) then
            phone = "617-" & phone ' add default area code
        end if
        if (len(phone) = 12 and len(phone, "-") = 3) then
            return phone
            print "Enter ###-###-#### or ###-####" : println
            return 0
        end if
    end function
  4. Write the validDOB function. You'll need to use On Error Goto for invalid dates. Make sure you disallow future dates.

    public function validDOB(dob As %String) As %Integer
    ' validate a date of birth - a valid date before or equal to today
    ' returns 0 for invalid dates and writes error message
    ' else returns internal format for valid dates
    On Error Goto BadDate
        if DateDiff("d", dob, Date) < 0 then
            print "Enter a date in the past" : println
            return 0
            return DateConvert(dob, vbToInternal)
        end if
        print "Invalid date" : println
        return 0
    end function
  5. Edit the prompt subroutine. Use Do/Loop While to cause prompts to repeat until the data is correct, using the three new “valid” functions.

    private sub prompt()
    ' subroutine for prompting
            input "Name: ", name : println
            if (name = "") then exit sub
            name = validName(name)
        loop while name = 0
            input "Phone (617): ", phone : println
            phone = validPhone(phone)
        loop while phone = 0
            input "DOB: ", dob : println
            intdob = validDOB(dob)
        loop while intdob = 0
    end sub
  6. Edit the display subroutine. Add code to convert the date to external format.

    public sub display()
    ' subroutine for displaying data
        println "Name:", space(15), name
        println "Phone:", space(14), phone
        println "DOB:", space(16), DateConvert(intdob, vbToExternal)
    end sub