Jalapeño Tutorial
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Jalapeño and the Caché Java Binding are Deprecated
Java Persistence Architecture (JPA) is the recommended persistence technology for complex object hierarchies in Java projects. Caché and Ensemble currently support JPA 1.0 and 2.0 via the Hibernate implementations of the JPA specifications. See Using the Caché Hibernate Dialect in Using Caché with JDBC.
Extreme Event Persistence (XEP) is the recommended persistence technology for high-performance simple to medium complexity object hierarchies in Java projects. See Using eXTreme Event Persistence in Using Java with Caché eXTreme.
Welcome to the Jalapeño tutorial!

Jalapeño (Java Language Persistence with No Mapping) is a Java persistence library for Caché. It provides Java applications with an easy and efficient mechanism for storing their POJOs (Plain Ordinary Java Objects) to Caché without using object-relational mappings. Caché stores the POJOs as true objects, preserving inheritance, relationships, collections, complex datatypes, and other object features. Moreover, the system automatically projects the objects to SQL standard relational tables. Using Jalapeño, Java applications can access their stored POJOs using object-oriented techniques as well as ordinary relational JDBC. Standard SQL-based reporting tools can also access the stored POJO data.
This tutorial is divided into two parts and should be completed in the following order:
  1. Part I: Jalapeño Quick Start demonstrates the basic procedure for generating an object database schema from a POJO class definition, saving a POJO instance to Caché, and then retrieving that instance from Caché.
  2. Part II: Another Example first provides more in depth discussion of Jalapeño and its components. It then presents a richer example demonstrating the use of Jalapeño annotations to create a more sophisticated object database schema as well as more sophisticated methods for accessing POJO data through the Jalapeño runtime API.
This tutorial assumes basic familiarity with Java programming. For more information on Java programming, read The Java Tutorials. This tutorial does not require familiarity with Caché programming.