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abstract class %SYSTEM.Dictionary extends %SYSTEM.Help

Method Inventory


classmethod comClassArrayDefined(%class, %ckey, %member) as %String
classmethod comClassArrayGet(%class, %ckey, %member) as %String
classmethod comClassArrayGetLvar(%lvar, %class, %ckey, %member)
classmethod comClassArrayKill(%class, %ckey, %member)
classmethod comClassArrayNext(%class, %ckey, %member) as %String
classmethod comClassArraySet(%class, %ckey, %member, %value)
classmethod comClassDefined(%class) as %String
classmethod comClassKeyDefined(%class, %ckey) as %String
classmethod comClassKeyGet(%class, %ckey) as %String
classmethod comClassKeyGetLvar(%lvar, %class, %ckey)
classmethod comClassKeyKill(%class, %ckey)
classmethod comClassKeyNext(%class, %ckey) as %String
classmethod comClassKeySet(%class, %ckey, %value)
classmethod comClassKill(%class)
classmethod comClassNext(%class) as %String
classmethod comClassSet(%class, %value)
classmethod comMemberArrayGet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %msub) as %String
classmethod comMemberArrayGetLvar(%lvar, %class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %msub)
classmethod comMemberDefined(%class, %ckey, %member) as %String
classmethod comMemberKeyDefined(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey) as %String
classmethod comMemberKeyGet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey) as %String
classmethod comMemberKeyGetLvar(%lvar, %class, %ckey, %member, %mkey)
classmethod comMemberKeyKill(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey)
classmethod comMemberKeyNext(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey) as %String
classmethod comMemberKeySet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %value)
classmethod comMemberKill(%class, %ckey, %member)
classmethod comMemberNext(%class, %ckey, %member) as %String
classmethod comMemberSet(%class, %ckey, %member, %value)
classmethod comStorageSubMemberDefined(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubMemberGet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubMemberKeyDefined(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubMemberKeyGet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubMemberKeyKill(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk)
classmethod comStorageSubMemberKeyNext(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubMemberKeySet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %value)
classmethod comStorageSubMemberKill(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm)
classmethod comStorageSubMemberNext(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubMemberSet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %value)
classmethod comStorageSubSubMemberDefined(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubSubMemberGet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubSubMemberKeyDefine(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubSubMemberKeyGet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubSubMemberKeyKill(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk)
classmethod comStorageSubSubMemberKeyNext(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubSubMemberKeySet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %value)
classmethod comStorageSubSubMemberKill(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm)
classmethod comStorageSubSubMemberNext(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubSubMemberSet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %value)
classmethod comStorageSubSubSubMemberDefine(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubSubSubMemberGet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubSubSubMemberKeyDef(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm, %sssk) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubSubSubMemberKeyGet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm, %sssk) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubSubSubMemberKeyKil(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm, %sssk)
classmethod comStorageSubSubSubMemberKeyNex(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm, %sssk) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubSubSubMemberKeySet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm, %sssk, %value)
classmethod comStorageSubSubSubMemberKill(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm)
classmethod comStorageSubSubSubMemberNext(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm) as %String
classmethod comStorageSubSubSubMemberSet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm, %value)
classmethod comSubMemberArrayGet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey, %ssub) as %String
classmethod comSubMemberArrayGetLvar(%lvar, %class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey, %ssub)
classmethod comSubMemberDefined(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember) as %String
classmethod comSubMemberKeyDefined(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey) as %String
classmethod comSubMemberKeyGet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey) as %String
classmethod comSubMemberKeyGetLvar(%lvar, %class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey)
classmethod comSubMemberKeyKill(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey)
classmethod comSubMemberKeyNext(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey) as %String
classmethod comSubMemberKeySet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey, %value)
classmethod comSubMemberKill(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember)
classmethod comSubMemberNext(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember) as %String
classmethod comSubMemberSet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %value)
classmethod defClassArrayDefined(%class, %ckey, %member) as %String
classmethod defClassArrayGet(%class, %ckey, %member) as %String
classmethod defClassArrayKill(%class, %ckey, %member)
classmethod defClassArrayNext(%class, %ckey, %member) as %String
classmethod defClassArraySet(%class, %ckey, %member, %value)
classmethod defClassDefined(%class) as %String
classmethod defClassKeyDefined(%class, %ckey) as %String
classmethod defClassKeyGet(%class, %ckey) as %String
classmethod defClassKeyKill(%class, %ckey)
classmethod defClassKeyNext(%class, %ckey) as %String
classmethod defClassKeySet(%class, %ckey, %value)
classmethod defClassKill(%class)
classmethod defClassNext(%class) as %String
classmethod defClassSet(%class, %value)
classmethod defMemberArrayGet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %msub) as %String
classmethod defMemberArraySet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %msub, %value)
classmethod defMemberDefined(%class, %ckey, %member) as %String
classmethod defMemberKeyDefined(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey) as %String
classmethod defMemberKeyGet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey) as %String
classmethod defMemberKeyKill(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey)
classmethod defMemberKeyNext(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey) as %String
classmethod defMemberKeySet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %value)
classmethod defMemberKill(%class, %ckey, %member)
classmethod defMemberNext(%class, %ckey, %member) as %String
classmethod defMemberSet(%class, %ckey, %member, %value)
classmethod defStorageSubMemberDefined(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubMemberGet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubMemberKeyDefined(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubMemberKeyGet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubMemberKeyKill(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk)
classmethod defStorageSubMemberKeyNext(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubMemberKeySet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %value)
classmethod defStorageSubMemberKill(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm)
classmethod defStorageSubMemberNext(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubMemberSet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %value)
classmethod defStorageSubSubMemberDefined(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubSubMemberGet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubSubMemberKeyDefine(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubSubMemberKeyGet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubSubMemberKeyKill(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk)
classmethod defStorageSubSubMemberKeyNext(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubSubMemberKeySet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %value)
classmethod defStorageSubSubMemberKill(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm)
classmethod defStorageSubSubMemberNext(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubSubMemberSet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %value)
classmethod defStorageSubSubSubMemberDefine(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubSubSubMemberGet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubSubSubMemberKeyDef(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm, %sssk) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubSubSubMemberKeyGet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm, %sssk) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubSubSubMemberKeyKil(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm, %sssk)
classmethod defStorageSubSubSubMemberKeyNex(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm, %sssk) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubSubSubMemberKeySet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm, %sssk, %value)
classmethod defStorageSubSubSubMemberKill(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm)
classmethod defStorageSubSubSubMemberNext(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm) as %String
classmethod defStorageSubSubSubMemberSet(%class, %ck, %m, %mk, %sm, %sk, %ssm, %ssk, %sssm, %value)
classmethod defSubMemberArrayGet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey, %ssub) as %String
classmethod defSubMemberArraySet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey, %ssub, %value)
classmethod defSubMemberDefined(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember) as %String
classmethod defSubMemberKeyDefined(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey) as %String
classmethod defSubMemberKeyGet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey) as %String
classmethod defSubMemberKeyKill(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey)
classmethod defSubMemberKeyNext(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey) as %String
classmethod defSubMemberKeySet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %skey, %value)
classmethod defSubMemberKill(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember)
classmethod defSubMemberNext(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember) as %String
classmethod defSubMemberSet(%class, %ckey, %member, %mkey, %submember, %value)

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